Leonard Leonard, Lamarcus Aldridge, Spurs discussed on The Morning Roast


Cousins marielaure de know how happy i will be if they manage the by this by the way poppas been going completely insane recently on the sidelines woman has more text the in the entire team which is crazy and i actually think this is an legitimate problem for them listen we love pop pop as the eternal cookout invite but right now the core leonard leonard is a problem we saw what happened earlier in the season terms what was revealed about lamarcus aldridge and it dropping gaining they shouldn't be dropping the demise of the spurs is upon us and your boy has a huge smile on his face as a result downer out abiola's i'm just saying 'no adding to get people to take an unidentified notice it this is a different take pop is making all these demonstrations on the sideline gin all these tech's because he doesn't want us onto the fact he's tanking games gregg popovich trying to all now he's not by the way i i mean last time we i think it was last show with that before i believe was before the news that quite might come back in march and we were all kind of i guess analyzing pops comments i don't think he's come back for the rest of the season which now me being someone new two nba kremlinology and messaging now i realize might have been a secret message conveyed only to coincide it wasn't able to understand at the time and he was it was not for us in so maybe his histrionics on the sidelines are four collide i really don't know i can't read the spurs but i'll say this i'm looking at the five six seven eight spots nine ten and i have no idea how this going to shakeout so after the spurs we've got thunder nuggets clippers jazz two teams who's inwho's out.

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