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We said, it's it's it's our it's our two thousand nine teen goal is to get onto things going on now that I don't pay attention to like how any when people symbols tweeting you'll be like oh. I can't Delo permit take on Google plans lake. What's Google play? I've seen. I don't even know what that and you are still on Android and complaining about things. I wanna help I want to help I want everything to work. But I just don't I tell you the on. I couldn't tell you where anything goes it just goes. And I don't know how we just don't get any feedback with like how people assume any where you find the podcasts on Google play on tunes. It's on insertion. Guess not everyone thought fi iheart. Iheartradio, play podcasts hod bean or something fun. I mean, I don't know I want to help. But I really don't know because you're just making things up. And I just screen shot incentive to pike fixes. And then he says fixed, and I'm like, I just take his word for it. Just tell us then Then we're we're done. done on. Mike francesa has wilpon Brody and bag on the show tomorrow. We what he wanted your. He will use your logo really his face really for his app. He was like I need to get approval for like whoever came up with that artwork needs to say that I can use it. I was like texting back. I was like. I feel entirely silly saying this. But like, yes. Yeah. I should not even have to give you. Okay. We'd all the Mets. He has Mickey Callaway Jeff wilpon manager, the manager GM wilpon back from Hungary lives is he gonna is it gonna roast them or no. If I had to guess is gonna go soft on them, which is annoying because then even being on the show has to be there. Yeah. That that means like, we'll do this. But you can't like say any everybody wants to say, it's more. Blount the Mets before. So if he has the mind, and he's just like how you doing guys. Yeah. That would be kind of disingenuous, but it's hard to roast three people. Now, when you you fucking suck when you're really people they can kind of bounce it off and like any hard question. They can. Yeah. Gene. They all take that one for you. Right. You're great, right. Anything have to show. Can we go rapid, Tom? He's got a new viral video check it out. Oh, yeah. You know, it's office small talk for. I'm a diverse person you. Started more nothing you've ever said is the sitcom years a sick on walking? Would you have your tweet yesterday? You love going with the automatic doors telling people you'll get it for him. He was responded to that. Which I'm going to have to use soon is that when you go to restaurant ask who ordered the tax when the Bill comes like that. Can I say? I think it's mean, but it's actually a comment or do this a lot? For me. It's not Tommy's like he he was born at the wrong time because he was he's the type of guy he should have been like a writer on friends and then gotten his own sick and it failed nine cancelled in the first season. But like whatever you had your own run. Right. Not that I know. Wasn't doing that. Now you had one season of two cents. Nobody likes that anymore. You were God for a split second that one real fast. And now you're going to do this thing and everyone that keep moving. Yup. We should ask. You just do the sitcom. I'm going to the borstal. Okay. And we should do it. Maybe get this out of you get like a house and everything. Yeah. We get it out of your system. Tommy, we have literally just pissed money away houses real we're going to do it. This is funny. I did he's got funny ideas. He does those stupid is to make fun of the tax on the Bill. We need to fuck. And I love that. She doesn't great sitcom on road of the tax a ninety six Dave Franko thing is the ultimate like take. Like, the guy you tell. Look like, Dave Frank people people. What's the? Spinoff with David Schwimmer. And everyone's like what the fuck is this. Great. I loved it..

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