Insomnia discussed on America Tonight with Kate Delaney


On and insomnia is a modern and growing epidemic um and um you know there's two tests to excite pretty frightening so nice people are are getting significantly less than that personally i'm not one of them mickens team is one of my big big towns um we we also have we did a survey i'm in few weeks ago to find out which gave the week people had most difficulty sleeping on the runaway winner was sunday three times as many people out have trouble sleeping on a sunday as on any other day in the uh the day when people have least uh trouble sleeping is they're not used thursday night and the reasons for those two things are are um connected to the reason people do well there are a number of reasons people find difficulty sleeping on sunday night but the biggest reason is they disrupt their liedtke and they kind of go to bed late uh on a friday need more on a sunday undecided and then they sleet fitting laced on a on a sudden on the saturday morning and then by time against sunday night they're not they're not tire they're not fleet the and then so they can't get to sleep then they start worrying about they can't get to sleep and then they get into this this vicious circle i'm not being by thursday night that just about got back into their routine after spending a whole week getting back into the roof and then the weekend comes round again so yes teeth is a huge problem and um and ducks y one of the reasons that calm is growing so fast because people who use both the meditation programs out in the seats.

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