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The place. So you know, what advertising is you put it on your website. We see it. I see it all the time. You remember last week? I was talking about that forty five adapter. And now you hear the forty five adapter symbol on hats and everything else. Now, everywhere I go the things popping up trying to. So I gotta give me a forty five adapter flag because some of these snowflakes they think it's a Nazi symbol. I know they do it's just crazy. But anyway, so I was gonna look at stories somebody sent me from the Washington Times. Now, the Washington Post Washington Post on pay wall. So does the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, most of the other places don't so I get most of my news. Now, let me tell you what I go to ABC NBC CBS BS NBC if I have to CNN FOX does that pay wall. I can go to the Washington Examiner on your the daily caller their bunch of different places, you can go. The don't put a bible who understand this twenty first century and the business model as you run ads on your website. And that's how you pay for your news. I have a work around. Do you want to tell me which story it is? And I'll print it off for you. You gotta work around. Yeah. I'm on it. I can get in it. So you haven't hit your limit yet? I don't want to answer the question. If you let me know. I deleted the Email. I don't even remember what it was. It was something about this Omar chick. But I don't know. I mean, it was something about her to Moscow or something. But I mean, I was going to read the thing. It was mildly interesting. But then I go, well, why read it now when I got to pay for it. So. Yeah. No. It's now why why did you think we wanna pay for news? I don't understand it. Mike, you would be up next the Phil Valentine show. Mike one up dot com. A lot of fossil fuel. Did. I realize it would bankrupt every state in the United States talking to the foster deal. Gallon specific Allan. Runs. All no. I know. I know they don't well. They don't they don't look at that. He, and here's something I know, this is one of my pet peeves, but I will tell you folks who live in Brentwood Franklin or this area don't buy gas there. There's there hosing you down especially because they know that a lot of people in area have cars it take the high test stuff. And so they never put that on the sign. So I was thinking what am I kids somewhere somewhere on Saturday? And I said, look, I gotta go get some gas. But we're going to drive down the road. And wing drive about a mile mile and a half down the road. And so I drove and I showed him with a price was filled up. Three a two fifty seven to fifty seven Friday test to fifty seven. Drove back down a mile to Brentwood as actually not even Brentwood Brin. What is neighbors corner? Fold into the shell station. They just want to see what it is three thirty five. So it's two fifty seven a mile down the road three thirty five in Brentwood for the same gas. And they're too many people that are that don't know this or don't care, but I can't I mean that's closing in on a dollar a gallon more. It's eighty cents a gallon for trying out Lynn. And so I'm not going to pay. I'm not gonna pay for news from the Washington Times or the Washington Post, and I'm not gonna pay eighty cents gallon more for my gas because I live in Brentwood for crying out. Let's stop hosing people for CHRI. Well, here's what they well. The rents. I know we got places that have been there since it was before it was even incorporated for crying out loud. They don't have rant. They own it. But they know what they th again, I'm a capitalist. They're doing with the market will bear. I got one of my boys. He works on the. He works on the other side of town in industrial area. He said you ought to come over here is twenty five cents again. Hey, Dr Phillip every week. But it's amazing how they charge that. So I'm wondering are they doing this in the grocery stores to where nobody's paying attention. We're we're they're jacking up the price of everything because nobody's paying attention Headley. Heath manning policy director, I w f independent women's forum how the Warren Cortez wealth taxes would undermine the booming economy, so Hadley heath manning, I say. We'll join us at thirty five after talk about that talking about Elizabeth Warren. Introducing the Alterra millionaire tax that would apply to households with fifty million or more in net worth. And of course, that's not gonna fly to most of us. I'm not worth fifty million. I'll go ahead and minute right now. For anybody. Who was thinking Philly you worth fifty million? I'm just not I'm really shy of it. And I hope to be there maybe by next year. But I'm just fallen short of the fifty mill if I was worth fifty million think it'd be sitting here talking to you. See that's the thing. I mean, you would think I would think you would do you think it'll be here. I'm mighty not here. You would you would pod goat? I that's right. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think he'd be here. King. People some way. Little people out. I'd be speaking to the little people. Can you give me another drink? That would be what I would be speaking to the people get a drink for the pod goat. If you would. The pod goats as and that's why I love people when I when you had the lawnmower. They were saying that I I had a six figure income. Do you think I'd be doing this for six? At by the station. And speaking of the pot goats we're about to hit like nine thousand listens. Let high school we've set up we Campbell. I started doing that. We set up a goal of. I said if we hit a thousand in the week, it'll be doing something, and we have eight thousand and we're getting ready to hit nine thousand. So appreciate all of you folks, who've some folks going, what is this thing? Pod goats. It's a podcast. I do my millennial son. He actually has a deeper voice than I do because some people are thinking, well, it's going to be like some twelve year old son. You're talking about I don't know Star Wars now. And there's anything wrong with Star Wars. We're going to get to that. But it's worth he he reads all sorts. I don't know where he gets all this stuff. But you can check it at a pod goats dot com. Gratuitous plug now we do enough of that. And get fifty million. You will never hear from me again. We'll be back with had limiting stay right? Where you information.

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