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O r. From about six fifty four. Good morning. Everyone on the third of January of twenty nineteen just stunning yesterday. Michael one after the other they say the famous deaths come in threes yesterday. Was remarkable all three gentlemen who passed away? All were seventy six years old. All Ashley, I put it. None of them were superstars, but all of them were stars in their realm. Yup. Corky in a way, the first one who passed was mean, Jean Oakland yerba was just legendary anyone who knew wrestling, even if he just know with a little bit Natalie knew the guy was I mean, he just everyone knew this is the guy did the interviews. He was the short guy of serious guy, but a likable guy, but Jesse Ventura gave him the nickname, meaning gene, and in typical bravado from WWE they said that gene Oakland was the most recognizable interviewer in sports entertainment history. More recognizable than you and Warner Wolfe. Yeah. I think so really absolutely around the world. Oh, you kidding me? So anyway, yeah. And everyone knew mean Jean ochre lung all right over the last couple of months, it has been very difficult for me to introduce this ban without using world. Wrestling federation champion hulk HOGAN here at wrestlemania for this afternoon. You've got the opportunity to change that it's been hard to live with man. Five. Andrei? And your time has come down the giants who was also. It was just. Wrestling stuff is phony, right? Yeah. It's all fake, right. Yeah. We'll actors they're they're acting. Well, don't tell don't tell people who like, you know, people who love love love the wrestling. Don't think it's funny. What do you mean? They don't think story when I was a sportscaster in Boston. I went down to Boston Garden, and and the people the fans of the wrestling. They don't think it's funny. They actually believe they buy into it. You know, they they're yelling at the at the referee that the other guy has a can opener in his head. Yes. He's got a cat. But they believe it's real stuff. It don't they have signals like they tap the ring like three times. I mean, I'm gonna win. And you know, I'm sure it's choreographed. Yes. That'd be in pretty good shape. But it's all fake mean. Jean Oberlin die actually had to kidney transplants during his life. They didn't say the exact cause of death. But you.

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