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Petco park filled to capacity. Imagine Petco park filled to capacity, then imagine you have the microphone you have the chance to tell them all why they should do business with you. You don't have to imagine anymore. Seven sixty KFI AM reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners each week. That's right. I said hundreds of thousands of potential customers that could be yours if they only knew about you. How could that impact your bottomline? Why do they return month after month? Well, it works. Several of our clients have been with us for decades KFI AM audience supports our sponsors, enabling us to continue to bring you live and local programming that matters to San Diego. Here's the best part. It's more affordable than you might think are experienced team can tailor a campaign around almost anyone's budget to put the power of AM seven sixty K F B to work for you. Today. Email Brian Busta at B Busta at key FM dot com. That's. Bb U S T A at KFI dot com and put the power of seven sixty KFI AM to work for you. Hi, everyone humvee ago. Are you looking for a new car, then come to the new car capital of San Diego, the National City Milo cars with five thousand cars in more than twenty one brands to choose from her election is unbeatable? Our finance experts can help you drive off in the car. You always wanted a factory certified technicians will keep your car running. Like, it's brand new. Don't wait ticket drive to the new car capital of San Diego. The National City. Hey, this is REBA mcentire. And I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about a serious problem right here in our own backyard..

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