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And us your stories of why you would or would not rent your anchor cone all right the united states ftc sent warning letters to six companies who market and sell automobiles cellular devices and video gaming systems those are the ftc's words by the way the letters addressed concerns about the company's telling consumers that they must use specified parts or service providers to keep their warranties intact here's a quote from the letter unless warren tours that's the people making the devices unless warren tours provide the parts or service for free or receive a waiver from the ftc such statements generally are prohibited by the magnuson moss warranty act of nineteen seventy five in other words that warning sticker on your device that says you'll break the warranty if you remove it and get inside your device is not enforceable according to the ftc companies that have been contacted up thirty days update their websites and comply with the law whoa all right so the supply to mattresses and those tags now the tags thing is a whole different thing that was for the shipper like they're not allowed to take the tag off until you can take it off once you get your mattress that's always been misunderstood it all right fair enough but all right so somebody gets electron ix i've consoles the switch over here is a little thing on and says by go inside of the switch on voiding the warranty than attended would otherwise author me offer me can i take this as now the new law the standard the lob the standard at as to which should interpret these things and i'm okay to crack that thing open and do what i want.

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