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I was saying into general before the show if gin, and I had a falling out. And all the sudden, I leave the show and Jenna puts out I'm gonna show you Nick, right? Really is. And the tweet I sent her five years ago. I think you're great on the today show. I really respect your work. I think and I love your story. Like, no, what are you talking about? I mean, it doesn't it? I don't understand what's happening here. I jokingly said earlier, and Tony was going crazy. This is the these are the acts of crazy guy. Why Kipling let this go? Why can't he move? What what is he so obsessed with that? He cannot. Close the book on a chapter that he made all the effort to move on from. I don't have a clue I don't I don't know what he wants. He got traded. He got the new contract. Like, I don't I don't know what he wants next. Like, abe. I'm totally confused. Like, I'm totally confused. Like what his real goals are day to day. You remember the first Super Bowl before this show existed? You and I were at it was in Houston. I think and we were doing some I don't know we were doing something, and we stopped filming for a moment and was walking by and it was right after the Instagram live thing, do you remember this? Oh, right after the Instagram, and you grabbed him I because they didn't seem like you knew him that. Well, he had a bit of a relationship and you reach out to him. And you said, hey, man, I think you tell me if I'm misquoting the story if you need to talk, we should talk and at that. Because at that moment that was the first thing really outside of the box in Tony Brown had done. He didn't have any of the off the field stuff. He didn't have the blue hair. He didn't have any of the. Relationship issues with teammates, but he had kind of betrayed Mike Tomlin buy. Yes. Live streaming that moment, and it seems like since then he is just instead of going down a path of that was stupid. I shouldn't have done it. He just keeps doubling down on the crazy. And and this is mean spirited as well, which I now I think it blows up in his face because juju looks good. But he clearly thought this will make juju look bad by revealing a private conversation, which is in any walk of life, totally out about getting bad advice or no advice in sort of doing this on his own. So now, he takes his behavior he will to Oakland. How do you think? Gruden and the rest of the raiders coaching staff will deal with handle accept this type of behavior from this guy problems. They're gonna have problems, and this is one of this. This is a me issue. This is Chris issue because I can understand trying to force your way off. For team. I can understand you trying to get more guarantees. But what I don't understand is as an African American aby. I don't know why you wanna tear down Mike Tomlin. Why would you make it's hard as it is for African Americans. Get hit coaching jobs. It's hard as it is for the for people to believe that they can control the roster in the locker room. Why would you make life more difficult for him? And then you're going double down on that in juju. Smith schuster. You're gonna make a young another African American you'll make his life miserable by by putting things out there. Like, I don't understand that. So now what's going to happen the Jon Gruden with? He didn't have no respect for a black man at another black, man. What would he have respect for John group? So for me, I'm disappointing them. I'm disappointing them as NFL wide receiver. I'm disappointed him as someone who the NFL has put out there. And he's taken advantage of the NFL brand. And I'm in barest as a black man that he would embarrass Mike Tomlin and embarrassed juju juju out there. So it's a Chris thing and. The coats as far as the coaching staff goes coach me makes mixes point all the time..

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