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I t environments and deploys advanced digital and ecosystems visit G i t dot com Size digital modernization. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic and the w T o p 40 forecast from Lauren Rickets. We've got a pretty quiet week ahead or average temperature for this time of yours in the low to mid forties, and that's pretty much where we're going to stay all week long Now. Today we have that black ice this morning. Of course, those temperatures are well into the low to mid 40 Some areas in the upper thirties bone on not too bad out there that's very seasonable for this time of year. Overnight, we will have more clowns in place, and also maybe a little disturbance passing this bride kicking off a shower or even a snow shower at times will keep that small chance. You tomorrow. No accumulation or anything like that. But temperatures tomorrow low to mid forties. Plenty of clouds Wednesday and Thursday. We get that son back, and it's gonna be a little breezy on Wednesday with Windchills in the thirties, but both days air temperatures low to mid forties and then a storm system to the South looks to stay to the south for Friday, just bringing this clouds and temperatures in the low forties on Friday. I'm starting for meteorologists, Lauren Records and right now in the area Temperatures under cloudy skies We have 40 degrees in Frederick were at 43 in Waldorf in northwest Washington. Cloudy and 41 temperatures today into the mid forties. Brought to you by lend the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week. It's 11 21. A special elections scheduled for tomorrow in the second House of Delegates District, which coverage parts of Prince William and Stafford counties. Wt, Opie's Man, Small says the seat opened up last year when Democrat Jennifer Carroll Foy resigned to run for governor, Republican Heather Mitchell and Democrat Candy King or competing on the ballot to fill the seat. Polling places are open from six in the morning to seven at night. The state's Department of Elections says anyone in line at 7 P.m. will be allowed to vote. Early voting in the blue leaning district ended on Saturday. It's another run for the Mitchell, who lost to Jennifer Carroll Foy back in 2019.

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