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I feel always like yeah we're raper like we're thinking the same thing and the other times that we're really different places. I think the lesson that you're talking about about how it's really about understanding people meeting them where they are ironically. That's the same messages. That are coming through your documentaries. You know regardless of the circumstances of the film right. It's really about understanding this person at this moment in their lives and in the stories that you tell our so primal that everyone can relate and i think that's the power of your film of your art is that you're able to distill that moment in such a way that it's undeniable my hats off to you because you're fantastic that and thank you truly. Thank god is bust you in that area so so. Let's talk a little bit about documentaries. And and obviously we talked about kind of what led you to documentaries. Do you feel like shooting documentaries tunnel where you need to be right now or where. You're going to stay or do you ever think you'll do feature film or something outside the realm of documentaries. I'm very open i'm very open to doing. I do like i. I like right now so right now. I really liked the documentary John nra but i'm very open to. I think there's a part of me that would like to do if he eats. Film i. I've done commercials and where you know and you're working with the models that you know to put some of those together and You know you need a big team. A bigger team they went. You need documentary so for me. It's like Not sure. I'm and they're like having all the pieces in place But i if i felt it was important to find a way but i think for me my heart rate now is to continue to do some of this documentary. Work and i am excited. Actually because i think documentaries are growing in popularity people say really like you don't have you ever. Have you ever seen like a you know blockbuster documentary. Well i'm i'm not i'm interested in making sure i can make money with my work. You know. I mean that's why you know the paper the expenses and stuff but i i think the allies like in touch documentaries any greater than in a feature film right now so it was actually exciting to see the kendricks come out with their first documentary. You're seeing. You're seeing more people do this so i just i like it because i think it draws attention to the john and on you know. It's not uncommon net or amazon prime to see the in the top trending titles documentary whether the social dilemma. And you know and the latest one on netflix. Like teaching or something pretty cool. Yeah well it was pretty good. Yeah and so..

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