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Lighter items he'll let me grant let me get to a couple of lighter I was here and then I want to dive into. And I touched on this earlier this hour about President Trump's screaming tweet and the threat against the Ron last, night and I have said for long, time that we are going to have to deal with Iran at some point they. Are moving toward a nuclear weapon. The Obama Kerry deal the awful Irani and deal which, Trump walked away from it essentially decertified our participation in it it's set up the path that was was a delay. But for they'd be onto a nuclear weapon under the letter of the agreement within seven ten twelve whatever it was Yeah but what we don't know is all the work that's being, done clandestinely in behind the scenes right now because. Of the inability for us to or for the UN and the the EA to be able, to investigate and, examined certain sensitive military sites so of, course that's where the Iran is going to be doing there what do you think. For a minute the Iranians are. Really complying these really say no I believe him so, yeah we're going to have a problem with Iran there's no doubt about it but I, want, to, get back into The Trump tweet from last night Because when I say shouting I mean it. Was all caps Harani and president Ronnie never ever threaten the United States. Again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words. Of, violence and, death be cautious now you know when you, read those words in the tweet You'll suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history of ever suffered before what what does, that fit, what, what criteria with that type of destr- I'm thinking. You know nuclear weapons I mean like few have, suffered before I'm thinking Japan nineteen forty five I'm. Thinking August forty five I'm thinking hero Shema I'm thinking Nagasaki is you. Know with with that kind of a threat so we'll we'll dive into that in just a bit on a little lighter side of things which I we. I like. To, do this, an our number one but there are just There's just so much going on these days but, for my own sanity Now you're gonna love this this. Is the lighter stuff on his show is Chris. Wallace from Fox News Sunday is is his, still is he still breathing Is Chris Wallace Fox News.

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