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A half the time people happy thirty six. Th birthday matt. Ryan mattie is since been with the falcons since they took them with the third overall pick in two thousand eight out of boston. College ryan was the nfl rookie year that year and the mvp in two thousand sixteen. He's a four time pro bowler. But the falcons have progressed markedly in the last few years since blowing the super bowl to new england. There was talk that the falcons might be ready to make a move from ryan but with the number four overall pick in this year's draft they gave ryan a new target and tight end kyle pits and they pay us on just feels mack jones. Who does this mean they're committed to ryan Yeah right through the first half a week one. And that's how the nfl works now for quarterback have been around for a long time. Can't believe it's been thirteen years to matt ryan. Happy anniversary mario lemieux on this day. Thirty years ago lemieux showed white people. Call them super mario. He took the puck near his own blue line in skated all alone into a swamp starts he split. The defenders kept the puck and doing a backhand shot and many people think is most beautiful goal. The penguins won the stanley cup. That year wayne gretzky's the greatest in nhl history by far the only player to go over two hundred points in a season. He did a four times but the muse one hundred ninety nine points in one thousand nine hundred nine is the closest to gretzky and of the thirteen greatest single season. Point totals gretzky has nine. Lemieux has four. that's it. that's the list. Tony setting up behind the net. I want if.

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