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Of calling uh i feel bad for you lie i love you i almost got a little emotional watching him uh his press conference um well i agree it's time to move on and work i don't like what i'm hearing is uh gino smith is the innocent bystander i don't know why people are batch of him so much and four bashing him for that he argued benson eu live not one john what has gino done you tell me okay would gino who wants to work with great route now he's plus twenty he's twenty seven zero unproven i'm excited to see what he got his job growth is false he was the starter who lost it because the injury i still think the jury is still out on gene gino mif any okay two years starting with the jets he he did start for two full seasons you believe that there are still more to find out about gino smith uh you allow with terribly for a few years or more europe your fear very fill out on gene though he might not be a good number of bob mackie's do in a preseason praised gino but he's a starter in his lee so he's uh pretty much uh born along for what he said in the pre season to me but i feel bad for eli i just don't think you just enough business he's a back up i well gino started thirty games like i said he started two full seasons and then lost his job twice to ryan says patrick so if you believe there's more and and you know what maybe gle has gotten so much better with the giants the hard that is not you can't hide from is that gino is going to go out there with no number one wide receiver no number two wide receiver no real running back at a porous offense of line and so the issues that the giants have which they are now kind of scapegoating onto the back of your life meaning are going to be cheetos the defense has showed up the last couple of weeks kind of because of their manhood was tested but the defense has been nonexistent for most of the season it's still a two and nine team it's a bad team so in gino.

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