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So Ukraine is a mosaic And Vladimir Putin has tried to portray that as suggesting that it's not a real country and that it's been cobbled together over various decades I don't think that's true What you have seen in Ukraine though is a transformative moment and that transformative moment came in 2014 when Russia invaded the country And so a lot of those geographical or regional divisions were erased by virtue of the unifying presence of a Russian invasion So yes there are parts of Ukraine in the eastern section where there's heavy sort of post industrial economy There's a greater level of russification that occurred in the Soviet era but the majority of the population has looked at what Russia has done since 2014 with total horror and they're the people who today are rejecting Russia's claim that Russia should rule that part of the country Are you telling me that if Ukraine ever was not a country Vladimir Putin has made it a country Absolutely So by virtue of what Russia did in 2014 by annexing Crimea and then invading parts of the dome boss and occupying them since 2014 Putin basically chained trajectory It changed the outlook of its people and it basically made it impossible for a pro Russian leadership ever to hold sway and Kyiv And that's the buzz saw that Vladimir Putin walked into on February 24th I'm trying to figure out how there can ever be a peace agreement at this point given that effectively there has been a war for about 8 years now and Russians are sitting on territory including Crimea which they say they've annexed that they'll never give back and Ukrainians are saying we can not agree to a peace deal that compromises our sovereignty or gives away land Exactly So the prospect of peace is I think a very dim one at this point There's a horrible humanitarian tragedy unfolding across Ukraine and then there's a remarkable story of resistance both from the Ukrainian military and from average people who've taken up arms to defend their country I don't see any Ukrainian leader being able to sit at a table across from Vladimir Putin offer up significant chunks of their territory give up parts of their sovereignty and as Putin wants basically give away their ability to defend themselves from such an invasion in the future How do you see the future of the war then I think we're going to see the conflict begin to morph and resemble the Bosnian war of the 1990s but on a much vaster scale So the people who are listening to your program today should be prepared for this conflict to go on and unfortunately for the humanitarian toll and the suffering of civilians to go to continue into the coming months if not years Sorry to hear it but thanks for the insights mister Weiss Great to be here Andrew Weiss is vice president for studies at the Carnegie endowment for international peace A federal judge says it was more likely than not that former president Donald Trump violated the law and tried to obstruct Congress and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election This finding is narrowly focused on communications involving pro Trump lawyer John eastman which had been sought by the house panel investigating the January 6th attack on the U.S. capitol That committee met yesterday shortly after the judge issued his 44 page ruling NPR's congressional reporter Claudia grisales was there The House select January 6th committee is down to the final months of its probe before they present their findings to the public We are entering a critical stage of our investigation That's Wyoming representative Liz Cheney the panel's ranking Republican at a public meeting to refer to former Trump officials ex trade adviser Peter Navarro and former deputy chief of staff Dan scavino for criminal contempt of Congress for defying their subpoenas We've now taken the testimony of hundreds of witnesses with knowledge of the events of January 6th Including more than a dozen former Trump White House staff members The panel also met privately to discuss Jeannie Thomas the wife of Supreme Court Justice clarence Thomas to testify committee chairman Benny Thompson had mentioned the plan earlier to reporters I.

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