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This is the zone again winston the same welcome back to the jamie moore's matt leach kendall morrison the house not saying much being as quiet as a church mouse which is all good for me you know just feeling good you know maybe the weather has gotten her peppy up don't know we won't find out today wherever you're gonna find out that one she's fifteen and she's in driver's it yeah take her out yeah good luck with that sata's intimidating is with you there i as i said i'm not an intimidating person sometimes i could be angry and me but not overall i like her driving styles there's all kinds of stuff i get it i you know what i didn't do drivers you know no but yet i came i came to school without a license here to michigan you know that earl morris always said if you need to get somewhere you could just walk you know how he was like if you really if you don't wanna walk there you really don't want to be there no it's not it's not like boston i just say walk just about anywhere we got we got a little bit of distance here in good old ann is not as bad as is not that big if you think about it you you twenty minutes for everything well on campus yeah right okay i'm just saying wait a minute in the suburbs around the city of it is not i mean you can get from the east side to the west side pretty quick and you can walk or guess what public transportation is is various ride a bike or you get on the bus you know as well as i do what happened we used to let the football players use word that used to have the green the green by system oh my god you remember that i remember you told me all about it though do we used to steal the yeah you're supposed to you're supposed to drive them from one place to nother and then the next person is supposed to be able to use them what would happen yes we will you go and stash them put them in the bushes and so nobody would take him so we would have access i mean we didn't share the bikes like they should have been shared university took that away from but obviously they brought him back but they still share bikes around here don't they don't they do share bike thing i don't know they used to say you know i've been in new york boston city bikes where you know you can rent them for a time period you can't just take them for free well you did okay i said i feel guilty for it wasn't wait a minute i wasn't the only one there was one hundred and twentyfive other guys doing it too i mean yeah i could have stood up and said i'm to do this anymore that's a lie oh in just just to throw it out there jamie so the people know the correct finish of that croatia england semi final is croatia to england one well we throw it out there a little premature jumped out there because everybody was everybody was texting me saying it's over blah blah blah told you i told you okay i'll give you that they won all right whatever i don't care but you know i know you don't but now this is great we still have one underdog left one hundred dog left going against those french so francis not an underdog francis a world power they won one before okay hold on when did they win that one ninety eight okay i just want to make sure because if you would have said the nineteen forty two thirty nine something like that i would wear no that's not the england hasn't played in one i don't know when they won there's but they haven't played in one sense the sixties right but this is gonna be a croatia's i file okay apple guy pulled for doug i was really belgians the all the pundits were saying they couldn't do it because all the extra all.

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