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Identity theft every three seconds. That means a cyber Ben guy could be selling your personal info on the dark Web without you even knowing it. That's just one form of identity theft. Now you might miss certain threats to your identity by just relying on bank statements or monitoring your credit. The solution. Life luck, identity theft protection. Lifelock see certain threats that you could miss on your own. Plus, If you become a victim of identity theft, the US based identity restoration specialist will help you fix your problems. Of course, no one can prevent all identity theft. ER, monitor all transactions in all businesses, but Lifelock and help protect your personal information and save upto. 25% off your first year at Lifelock dot com. Using a promo code rush, Just go to Lifelock dot com or call 804 40 48 33 Enter the promo code Rush promo code Rush. For 25% off Hi. I'm Anthony and Perrotto, president of Henry repeating arms Patriotic Americans are looking to protect and provide for their families. Now, more than ever. Henry has over 200 rifles and shotguns to choose from in a variety of calibers and finishes made in America or not made at all and backed by a lifetime guarantee. I invite you to order a free catalog decals and a list of Henry dealers in your area. There's a Henry. That's right for you go to Henry usa dot com or called 895 84993. That's Henry. Us a dot com 809 584993. That's 895 84993. Thank you and God bless America. Our fears of a stock market downturn, preventing you from investing. Hi, I'm Rick Adelman. You know, you need to invest to get better returns. But you're worried about losing a lot of money if stocks fall well, I have the answer for you. Introducing downside Defender. This new service lets you own a diversified portfolio, but it lets you tell us a target value. But you don't want your portfolio to go below if the account value drops will reduce your stock allocation to help prevent your portfolio from falling below the target. You said then, as markets improve, we build the portfolios.

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