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I don't have an m one Laptop which braves now optimized for and i. I'm pretty cheesed off by their past tactics. So i don't plan on revisiting them anytime soon. Unless of course my browser group you jason. It tells me. I should but The yeah those early missteps or enough to turn me off to them as a company. Yeah yeah. I have thoughts about that which are basically You know. I'm trying it now. Because i did want to try it on the m. one it is fast. It is also optimized for intel processors as well it works pretty good I left it open on my laptop. And i only had that open nothing going and i left the activity monitor going so i could see what it was doing with the processor like in the old days where it would just spin up to one hundred percent. Every you know ten seconds out of every minute doesn't do that anymore. That's fine it's still comes built in with all this like crypto crap that it tries to get you to sign up for and sponsored ads on the start page which you can disable. That's fine but it. I mean it's it's it's a decent browser does what it says on the ten. It's chrome base so it's up to speed with almost everything is just you know it's i. I got a bad taste in my mouth from what they did before. And also the guy who founded it mr java script too many times to go into again but Yeah i don't trust brave. And i don't trust brennan and so i think i'm just going to stick with what i got right now and if i have to i'll use safari fuck it. Safari is is actually bad because it does at least bookmarks but half the shit. That i need doesn't work in. Vivaldi takes care of the rest. Scott writes in big fan longtime listener joji clan member. Vip seventy-seven fine. Who has shacked up in. Canada might check the. Cbc news site after laughing. So hard at dave bidders computer backup disaster. I saw this the next day. Funny stuff perhaps not suitable for all children but damn how does this get made. And this is a danish kids. Show about a man with a magic penis which is inefficient. It hasn't goofy says tv critic. Yeah this was. This was doing the rounds during all the craziness so it was kind of like. Here's a funny story to distract you from all this shit. And so yes. A children's tv show about a man who's unnaturally long at magic penis gets him into all sorts of trouble. Just like me is very danish. And nothing to fred over says. A tv critic who watched every episode is a claymation show called john diller mound which basically roughly translates to jon. Wiener men and yeah. I have no idea how something like this gets made. But every it is an innocent little show it. It's funny you know it's not everything has to sexualize. So some people like to make fun of their wieners. That's the way things are. It's no big deal is. There's a big deal over there. I guess so. I mean you know. I wouldn't care if this aired the cartoon network at night but the fact that is actually four. Kids is a little bit crazy. I think it's pretty funny that he can play tennis with himself with his own. Weiner that's pretty. It's pretty clever. I call sunday. Oh fiend the show bear rates in. I know you've probably been through most of the new stuff on the streaming site. So i thought i'd suggest a film to you that i'm pretty certain both enjoy the catch is that it does have subtitles. But the story and cinematography are amazing. The movie is called control. That's with a k. Twelve filmed in two thousand three. The first time. I saw this. I was actually in buda. Budapest hostile backpacking my way around europe. Here's the youtube link to the full film. It's also available via sweden amazon etc joy. Stay grumpy and he. He follows up with and also no thanks. Dell's new monitors have a dedicated. Microsoft teams button. I mean i suppose if you're working in an all microsoft shop that uses teams it would be quite convenient otherwise no thank you. I'll pass it came with your company monitor. But why would you have this at home. Click on an icon. Everybody's working at home now. Actually true meal writes in high grimsson episode for ninety. You talked about rune have a look at subsonic. You can open it on anything. Essential including video. Subsonic your complete personal media streamer. You can just buy a lifetime license but it works for with audio for free all right okay. Another street check it out in. Michael says i have nostalgic memory of johnny mnemonic for no good reason. That's right. I should've left it in the past and not re watch it on amazon prime but watched idid. The opening date was january seventeenth twenty twenty one for a movie from nineteen ninety-five. It had some erie predictions of twenty twenty one. There was a worldwide pandemic occurring people suffered information overload from the internet. Inc's reigned supreme. The stuff it got wrong is just quaint in amusing. The movies just bad. I mean isn't bad. And i put a video in here. The black shakes this. Go and watch the black shakes. Which is what they get when they have too much technology. And it's got henry rollins in a very henry rollins role he was just big is nothing more nineties than henry rowlands. I know i know. Henry rollins being a scientist even funny here. Good stuff chris. Wright said i blame jason and this is a link from bleeping computer whatsapp. Share your data with facebook or delete. Your accounts after whatsapp updated privacy privacy policy and terms of service on monday with additional info. On how it handles users data basically good luck.

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