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These are in a spacious beginnings for a woman soon to become one of the most famous chefs of all time in a little over ten years not only will she be a master of the french language and culture but she will have begun building the foundations of a cuisine empire that would change the world the woman is of course julia child the american entrepreneur and kitchen genius who brought french haute cuisine back across the atlantic she accomplished this by devoting herself to one very important business principle julia child invested in herself at every stage of her career through this she started cooking phenomenon in the united states welcome to great women of business i'm vanessa richardson and i'm molly brandenburg in this podcast we don't just tell you about the women who changed the face of business we tell you how they changed the face of business we'll spotlight business principles that you can use yourself and dive into the complex lives and unique challenges faced by female visionaries icons and leaders new episodes of our twelve episode series will come out on tuesdays and you can find us on your favorite podcast directory while you're there we truly appreciate a five star review you can also find us on facebook and instagram at par cast and on twitter at park cast network today we're taking a look at julia child the world famous chef and culinary educator she was a true entrepreneur who pulled her career out of thin air her infectious joy created the massive industry of foodie television and led to a boom in the recipe publishing industry she broke down barriers for women in the kitchen both on the ground and in the culture at large she saved american cuisine from boorda men tedium for business genius emerged because she refused to be cornered by society's expectations she knew life's primary investment should be in oneself however she utilized many other business principles as well such as a dedication to making the world better place another principal was seeing value in bridging.

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