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Twenty four twenty Harris Allen yesterday at the Meadowlands Erin Rogers with four touchdown passes to the divine day Adams the giants over their eighth straight loss thirty one thirteen to the Packers Daniel Jones for over two hundred forty yards a touchdown to sterling Shepard but he was intercepted three times big blue dropping the two and ten the pack with their seventh win eight games improving to nine in three Andy Dalton returned as bangles quarterback after a three game benching facing the jets in Cincinnati he threw for two hundred forty three yards and a TD the bagels got their first win of the season twenty two to six to seven pecan field goals all the jets could manage they were penalized ten times for a hundred six yards some of those penalties negating big gains for Sam Donaldson company this stuff we are told to lose this game it's just like any other game though you know whenever you lose a cell phone so we just go watch the tape tomorrow try to get better from this and learn from mistakes Donald passed for two hundred thirty nine yards he was sacked four times lady on bell just thirty two yards on the ground the jets three game winning streak over there now for an aids on the scoreboard Sunday that the patriots lost to the Texans twenty eight twenty two it was the ravens twenty the forty Niners seventeen the dolphins to care the eagles thirty seven thirty one Redskins twenty nine to twenty one over the Panthers the rams destroyed the cardinals thirty forty seven Buccaneers handle the Jaguars twenty eight to eleven the chief threat the raiders forty to nine Titans thirty one colts seventeen Steelers over the Browns twenty the thirteen the Broncos and if the Chargers twenty three twenty mother that football the Vikings at Seattle a week after talks broke down between Graciano and rockers the two sides reconsidered Ford is they have worked out a deal she on will return as head football coach of the scarlet knights NBA the Celtics with a seventeen to two fourth quarter run a broad Boston all the way back from a six point fourth quarter deficit they beat the next one thirteen to one oh four face and Tatum thirty points Jaylen brown twenty eight Julius Randle had twenty six for the next but they've lost six in a row and sit at four and sixteen at the Barclays center the he closed on a ten nothing run they got past the nets one oh nine one oh six for a drug gets twenty four points off the bench for Miami Jimmy Butler scored twenty Spencer Dinwiddie had twenty nine for the nets who went out with five hundred again ten and ten college basketball UConn beat main Fordham top Maryland eastern shore after dominated Holy Cross and Fairfield got past Texas a and M. with reports every twenty minutes Harris Alan WFAN twenty twenty sports right after Kim Jones in call banks live.

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