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We're on free speech TV let's go to Bob from Oklahoma? Bob how do you pronounce the town that you are. Calling from Alachua Taloqan was going. To go to lock well I'm, glad. I asked of course I still got it wrong go ahead Cherokee word I. Appreciate it What does it mean to you know now after it was moved so abruptly, from the east My comment today has to do with. It frivolousness of the hacky sack sort of political hacky sack played in. The major media alad he's been addressed already today on the show at the dress every day Talk radio, talk TV but it's not really when you say. We're going to start a movement yeah Trump gets way too much attention fascist that. Support Trump even those who would say without a blink of the eye I'm not a. Fashion with the sashes corporate fascist the underlying sort of libertarian would be Terry and people in your community needs to be pinpoint in the community in the city, you live in wherever you can also have impact. The human the human costs for instance Human tragedy Going on in Yemen that I heard on NPR today a. Little, bit yeah You know they got it. All, twisted up they say the human suffering is caused by the economic problem no the economic problems are caused by the human. Suffering And until we get the economy in a state of regenerates Shivaji in sustainability we will not be experiencing democracy anywhere on. This planet and I think we need to, get, busy, with. The, movement of, pinpointing fascists. In your community that are, supporting Trump and continuing political hacky sack. Great every, election every election every election next. Election black, Dada da yeah we vote we're active we've had. Our, tires slashed we've had read all kinds of stuff And we're getting sick and tired Focus on, your own communities what I heard including. The fascists in your own community so I studied totalitarian regimes doing some I. Did a stint at UCLA and and And one of the learnings was that when, the precursors to the Nazis and Hitler himself and I am not wanting to draw a direct parallel to be very clear between this president and I'll filler when Adolf, Hitler and the early precursors to the Nazis began their rallies began their speeches began their movement building One of the, key reasons they kept going and it kept growing the kept focusing on, European jewellery was. Because that's what got the cheers Know Hillary didn't just start that fire he kindled it he Help. A weakened.

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