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Right. Compel Saturday at the conservative Claremont institute's fortieth anniversary gala in Beverly Hills. And actress Peggy Lipton from the TV show months. Quad has died. She was seventy two this is ABC news with the stock market at all time, highs cashing your profits. Now invest in an asset that can potentially pay for up to twenty or more years. That's the sound of producing oil. Well, and the sound of a smart investment, if you're an SEC defined a credited investor you can take advantage of encore energies projects call now to learn how you can potentially Tiv twenty or more years of income and deduct one hundred percent of every dollar invested against all forms of income. Call one eight hundred eight thousand three eighty five eleven invest in your future and buy oil encore is drilling in an area. That is potentially one of the most prolific horizontal oil plays in the entire country. Oil prices are projected to rise. So you need to own a piece of an oilfield encore energy is the most active oil and gas operator in its core area of operations, call now and learn how to deduct one hundred percent of your investments and create twenty or more years of. Potential monthly income. Call one eight hundred eight zero three eight five eleven you'll be calling directly to the home office of encore energy. That's one eight hundred eight thousand three eighty five eleven oil investments involve a high degree of risk. And actual results may vary. A Harvard law professor has lost as faculty dean posed after an uproar over the Harvey Weinstein case ABC's Aaron Katersky with the latest from New York when Ron Sullivan joined Harvey Weinstein's defense team at touched off protests at Harvard where until now he was dean of an undergraduate house Harvard removed Sullivan from the post after students said defending someone accused of abusing women made Sullivan an inappropriate mentor Harvard's decision came.

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