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Connected continues with one oh six one F. M. talk voter ID will not be needed for north Carolina's March primary elections as a federal court judge in Winston Salem has temporarily blocked the law the judge said voter identification usage would be halted as an ongoing lawsuit continues the ruling resulted in an angry response from St speaker of the house two more who call the decision quote an outrageous affront to due process the rights of North Carolina voters and the rule of law end quote investigators say someone try to use their S. U. V. as a battering ram of the western North Carolina courthouse Matt McCall reports sheriff's deputies are looking for a driver who barreled through the gate at the Henderson county courthouse early Christmas morning someone in a dark colored Subaru forester cause heavy damage to the gate and surrounding fencing while entering the parking lot at high speed the sheriff's office says it's unclear whether the destruction was intentional or if the driver was somehow impaired they're looking for a car with quite a bit of front end damage person county officials say they still have very few leads in their search for a missing seventy five year old man with Alzheimer's William whole went missing on December twentieth and is considered to be in danger hold who is known by the name Danny was last seen wearing a blue coat Burgundy sweat shirt and dark blue Dickey pants he walked away from his home on Shiloh church road with his dog junkie numerous agencies the North Carolina state highway patrol and volunteers have been looking for a hold throughout person county by foot boat ATV UTV drone helicopter and sonar without any luck and North Carolina a and T. men's basketball coach Jay joiner has been suspended indefinitely associate head coach Willie Jones will serve as the acting head coaching jointers absence I'm Mitch Evans very warm this weekend looks like early April maybe some thunderstorms overnight Sunday into Monday as a result.

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