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E Mail News have 11. Good morning, everyone I'm John Mathews. Marine band warming up the chili crowd gathered on the West Front of the Capitol before an empty Capitol grounds and National Mall on this unique inauguration day. Members of Congress arriving to the West Front of the U. S. Capitol, filling chairs arranged for social distancing President Joe Biden and vice President Kamila Harris will come through the West Door, adoring today with red and gold bunting. The president elect spent part of this morning at church at Washington's Cathedral of ST Matthew the Apostle. After this we're rings in the new body administration will get to work. The new President Specter to issue 17 executive actions on coronavirus climate change in immigration on the West Front of the U. S. Capitol, Rachel Sutherland boxes in front of the Capitol with Sea of American flags planted to represent the hundreds of thousands who cannot attend the ceremony because of the pandemic. Guarded by thousands of National Guard troops. Four of the main bridges today between Virginia and DC have been shut down for security reasons. This is one of the only ways really in and out by car from the city, and it's really easier to get at the city right now than in this was a potential flashpoint, a lot of chatter online about potentially thousands gathering here to protest. I could tell you that we are seeing no protesters here, and if they do arrive here, they're gonna have a long way to go three miles to the capital. The Metro's air closed and really is Sense. This overwhelming show of security has put the damper on any protesters so far today. Fox News Steve Harrigan earlier this morning at joint base, Andrews, President Trump and first Lady Melania were treated to a 21 gun salute and the final rendition of Hail to the chief and a brief ceremony before a crowd of family and supporters..

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