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James thank you very much for joining us today. From you on the show we could stop with you telling us about how you got into documentary filmmaking and specifically how you got into the erie of few documentaries that would take us back to the early. Nineteen nineties where. I had a father who was paralyzed from the neck down with multiple sclerosis and he was a writer and in. So i've been traveling. He was a fantastic to larry's driven ambitious intelligent witty. Great fun guy. We traveled the world together. I was his legs. Is schommer is secretaries nurse. With a lot of fun. We interviewed. Stephen hawking we interviewed race cartilage legend. Dan gurney traveled to formula one races down in mexico city. I mean we did some really cool stuff and my my father was a brilliant writer. I was always amazed at how could put words together and So good at it. Got such a skill and i had picked up probably in the late eighties very early. Ninety certainly the late eighties early nineties. A video camera from a friend of mine. And i was so a amazed at the technology of steve instant. The did was take back then. But the instant playback it's like you know it was amazing. It was a real novelty back then and and what a great tool it was for documenting things and so i started doing video production. You know probably my very early twenties and Probably i dunno. I want to say when i was around. Twenty three twenty four a very good high school friend of mine. One of my best friends. One of my best mates we We bought a car length. We flew to europe from america. We bought a car in london. And we drove this old fiat. One thirty one doors read two hundred pounds for it. We drove it all the way to added justin not just had a hell of a of adventure together and car did make it out four gold back but he was a good friend of sky rene and he started to tell me back back in the us About ufo's in one of my best friends honestly and i had. He didn't talk to me about highschool but he talked about it later in early twenties tonight. I thought he'd lost mind. I really did talking about roswell. You take your you haven't heard about roswell and i just thought well it's been a good friend and i'm gonna have to write him off. He's lost his mind and I was telling the story to a a mentor apprentice. Video production house in san francisco Ellison horn productions have been like this in this guy. Richard van sickle was was one of the senior people at the production house. The brilliant guy. I really looked up to him. And i just one day told him all. You're not gonna believe really good friend of mine is tell me about your phone and then about how you crashed and aliens were recovered in roswell back in the forties. Got my poor friend. He's lost his mind and Richard turns me and he says no. You heard about that. I said haven't heard. But no i haven't heard fully happened. He said they actually admitted that it happened. And i thought well hang on a minute. richard. Somebody i look up to and i respect and very intelligent. He runs his video production company. And i thought well if richard thinks that happened. Maybe i should take a closer look. And so i did. And i went to a couple of conferences and i Befriended some military guys basically exchanged offered an exchange of of documenting them and making you know Making their interviews available to the public and documenting presentations and things of that nature in in exchange. They kind of brought me into their world. Bit and then I think when i was twenty four maybe twenty five. I said hey. I'm a documentary on your phones. And i was amazed at how not unsupportive. My father was because my father was incredibly supportive. Everything i've done. It was the guy that would say son. You know if you ever wanna do Whatever it is in life as long as you're happy if you want be a garbage man or a teacher or just as long as you're happy that's all that matters in life. And he was that guy and yet he was so opposed to doing documentary annual foes when. He was begging me not to do it. He used things like you're going down. A one way street is dead end. There's nothing to it wasabi. Your life and even had other members of the family which actually lived in australia and england and france and italy a even singapore writing letters. And telling me to reconsider. You bothers very concerned this kind of thing and of course being a taurus. I thought well you know all these guys wrong. I think it was actually just what i needed because right i didn't realize how difficult it was to shoot a documentary and it right. It's a lot of work. I mean you four and a half years. But i did it and i sold it to discovery channel and moderately successful being for the time. It was yams beautifully received. i. I've actually got invited to go to russia because of it and I sort of got the last laugh. Really you know and people sort of stood back and thought well hang on a second i. i wouldn't say. I had the full attention of the family. But they were okay. Wow and let's alaska potok. I ever do you know that was hell. You know and Since then i've learned never to say never never that. That's it because i just finished by four and a half film on the topic so all twenty seven years later it's funny would never say this absolutely trees say because something always comes up doesn't over. Gosh you know. That's the thing is like i got invited to russia and it was funny. Actually because some don't really share that often but i was nfl rambling. Just cut me off. But i i. I was selling copies. It was when art bell was doing was in the peak of art. Bell's show right advocating. Yes and we we got featured a little bit on our bill and we were selling. Which would have been vhs tapes. I'm assuming Don't take the dvd's popular back. Then i'm get. I'm going to save the resembling. Vhs tapes of the film as well maintained home video home video distribution rights. So i could do that on my own. And make extra money from the discovery channel sale which i was doing and i got a letter back from a gentleman who Very kindly said. Hey i i. I bought one of your. Your tapes ended arrived at my house broken. His name was joe galati and i and he said out could would you mind terribly Sending me another one and And i said. Of course. I i wrote a letter and i thanked him so much for support and i said Here's your money back for the inconvenience Back Here's two tapes. One for you and please feel free to pass onto a friend of yours and and You know thank you.

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