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Not not not totally out of the game here yet pretty good spot he's he's got a religion social yes she bought like you say coming after him but because of the whole area can giants twitch but yes if area was to be out of the game it wouldn't be the worse case in for johnny it wouldn't be great but he's he's he's spot he's he's he's basis car at least yes so so we had will will will decide to move to marins bed in the in the yes to break the curse because the curse bed everyone that's left in it has been victim and will decides he wants to break that curse i don't i don't know peel this mart move well so to say i know smarr stupid i don't think it's like right a wrong but i think it's more obvious like people know in the red he's from the white regress he wanted to white rim no they all know even dared ment me a comment about it i call bs like he just wants to be part of the popular group and once the converse and that's against the we'll do an to brandon kersey but at the same time is like he you know he of course he wants to get into the yet with a group within pairs very very upset about this by the way yes paris was not happy will moving into the red room i can't believe him.

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