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Signal z. Q d established on this date in one thousand nine hundred four only to be replaced two years later by sos remember at that point in time. Radio was strictly a data that it added that you know dots indesit dashes and not by voice. George gershwin completed my rhapsody in blue on this date in one thousand nine hundred twenty four in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven the first transatlantic telephone call from new york city london on that same date. Nineteen twenty seven. The harlem globetrotters played their first game. President harry truman announced on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the. Us developed a hydrogen bomb in one thousand nine hundred thousand ford. The first public demonstration of machine translation system held in new york at the head office of em in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the us. Recognize the new. Cuban government of fidel castro and in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine pin fell to the advancing vietnamese troops driving out pol pot and the chimera rouge in one thousand nine hundred ninety leaning tower of pisa close to the public. Do the safety concerns. Seemed like it was leaning more than should have been and in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the impeachment trial trial of president. Bill clinton began. That one didn't go any farther than the one with president trump. Passing away on this dating history football player. Bronco nagorski actor. Avery schreiber very funny man. And kitty kallen. Little things mean a lot. All right this is the birth date of president millard. Fillmore alfred in the nineteen sixties batman. Tv show alan napier musician. Red allen actress butterfly mcqueen cartoonist. Charles addams the creator of the addams family and musician. Paul revere happy birthday number. Eighty two to maury povich. Who says you are not the father singer. Kenny loggins is seventy three years old today. Number seventy one for the buck. Rogers and silver spoons. Actress erin gray from nypd. Blue and csi. Miami david caruso sixty five years of age. Katie couric is sixty four today. Nicholas cage fifty seven years old from the walking dead and moondog saints. Norman rita's fifty two bagan. Rich co star. John rich not co star co-founders. What i meant to say yes. John rich is forty seven of big and rich screech from saved by the bell. Dustin diamond forty four years. Old one republic singer ryan tenders forty two from the walking dead. Lauren cohan is thirty. Nine and from fantastic beasts eddie. Redmayne is thirty nine as well and from lemony snippets. A series of unfortunate events. Liam aken is thirty one though just a few of the people who celebrate the seventh day of january is their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday. Happy to ha- upi people who you thank you. Mrs miller she was a wonderful part of the Jack show and she would sit in the front row and no one really knew she was a singer. Course you heard her sing you. She was a singer. I shouldn't be that mean. You know that. But you know January seventh nineteen fifty to sixty nine years ago. An episode of suspense starring jeff chandler the case against new doc. That'll be coming up next on this thursday edition of classic radio theatre newsmax tv. Everyone is watching it now. President trump says he loves it and more than thirty million americans tune into newsmax. Tv with great shows than analysts. Like dick morris. Bruti giuliani michelle malkin. Diamond silk mike. Huckabee alan dershowitz at a lot. More every night you can watch newsmax number one. Show greg kelly reports greg. Kelly and newsmax are unafraid. To tell the truth about the election. How big tech is censoring. You and joe. Biden's dangerous plans you need to watch newsmax. 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What i do is to take a few fruit berry capsules. The red ones in the morning and green veggie capsules later in the day. My body and brain never had it so good with nutrition. well-balanced as nature intended. No wonder that these up feeling so splendid right now balance of nature is offering free shipping and thirty five percent off on any new preferred order. Call one eight hundred two four six eight seven fifty one or go to balanceofnature dot com and use discount code. Usa thanks for tuning into classic radio theater. On this thursday we talked a lot about john. Learn history in the past what you may not know. Chandler considered himself a song stylist as well. He released three albums a number of singles and played albums in one thousand. Nine hundred fifty five. He became only the second star to play at my old hans. The ribiero hotel liberace was the featured headliner at opening in her autobiography. Hold the roses. Rose marie Toll wrote jeff channel was a great guy but he was no singer. He put an act together and we opened it. The rivi era. He came with a conductor. Piano player light man press agent and manager. None of it helped everyone raved about jeff singing but let's space. He really didn't sing very well. He definitely had the guts to open in vegas. He left work on a movie after three and a half weeks variety said it is in the realm of pure song. Jeff chandler falters and shows weakness the affable but to serious flicker star opens unwisely with assault. Slow sombre never entered my mind and attempts to pick things up with always. I'm not co cheese. Anymore is sprightly song along his career since he made broken arrow six years ago. They do say that the rest of the show was quite good. But at the very end he says chandler's fine film. Brett can bring in the customers but he must level with them and realize the best we can beat an unidentified with satra victim. And tony martin is to pit his own special talents against there's which can best be shown by special materials numbers and sketches rather than jump into an abyss of standards tunes which these singers guard without cease. So he probably wasn't a great singer. But what i can say about this is you know. He tried to broaden out beyond just being an actor. And i don't see anything wrong with that. Let's get into it here An episode of suspense january seventh nineteen fifty two jeff chandler stars in the case against the dock. And it's ninety six thousand dealers. Bring you mr jeff chandler in a story taken from life. Tonight's presentation of. Oh i don't like presents. The case against liu doc. A factual document concerning the san francisco tongue wars starring mr jeff chandler and now with the case against ludolf and the performance of mr jeff. Auto light hopes once again to keep you in spending Tennis take your man up. The alleyway always please. They won't be seen the same this signal to move. You got that right all right man. You heard captain voice be over. There have like i'm right on time. Oh glasgow. i'm glad you got here. He's must be an important one. Was like a whole san francisco police forces here a big one believe me. Oh you know. Captain of detectives wilbur. Now we've met this. Lieutenant jack by the mitch rouse grew and then all have their instructions. Da good and take a position came in. Let's go all right. You wanna come along with me glasgow. Stakeouts down about midway in the laundry has a vacant storeroom upstairs. We can watch from up there here message. you left back. The newspaper office wasn't too explicit. Tonight's the night we've been waiting for more murder and mayhem. Perhaps cuba arrested hundreds of chinese before all members of sometime. What good did it do not just resting. The men isn't the answer is it. Smells empty. giannis laundromat around. This shop was hacked to death in the last tong battle. They held along here along those stairs. Who's having it out tonight. A hop gang. Tong and leon sings. Well come geo and loot duck. Yeah the two most popular and powerful tong leaders agree with you as far as come to you. Hoes concern for doc. I'm more determined than ever to get him. This man was a double life glasco by day. sweet smiling and innocent silk merchant by night a ruthless murder of his countrymen. He won't stop the tongues by convicting lou. Doc we'll be able to see everything from this window. clear night. A million stars in the sky. We stood next to the open window above the laundry shop fearless district attorney read mucci and i waited from the window we could say down into the dimly lit street called spa alley a narrow street line on either side with wicha markets curio shops t parlors and more or laundries. Some of those shops fronts for hidden gambling dens sultry arab press opium dans low docked. The man the. Da accused of being the most notorious tongue. Leader in san francisco was all of that but he was more ludicrous. My friend who was a man of principles born in san francisco and wanting to adapt himself to the ways of his western brothers. He'd learned to speak read and write a pronounced english. He educated himself from the thoughts and ideas of the western world. I knew i had my doubts.

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