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Washington's mall. W M, A L, where Washington comes to talk. So we have things happening where China is North Korea. The border. Venezuela. Russia, are you kidding me report? Today. Tomorrow. Information. What happens next happens here, one, oh, five point nine FM, and AM six thirty. WMA L. We're here from one eight hundred God junk. Well, we've definitely one eight hundred got some junk seal that stuff in the yard. Yes, sir. We're moving. And that's just part of the stuff we're not taking who'd you do something for me. Ma'am. Would you wave your arm across the yard, Mike this? Wow. How did that was fun? We work until midnight, seven days a week. 'cause ninety minutes news to be there hundred got junk or visit one eight hundred got junk dot com. Hey, it's Larry O'Connor. You've heard me talking about Veritas collegiate academy for some time now, and I gotta tell you, they an amazing global community of schools educating students from all over the world from Shanghai Kenya hungry and right here at the beautiful campus in Fairfax, Virginia. The Veritas vision is to graduate young men and women leaders who reason persuasively and articulate themselves precisely grade school students are trained in the art of communication with grammar logic and rhetoric languages, like Chinese Spanish, and Latin and learning vacations in kindergarten. That's right. Kindergarten high school students receive a global vision and bitter. Perspective with an emphasis on math science and technology. They exercise analytical skills in composition Latin rhetoric and thesis were presented at an international level and imagine this, the average SAT score at Veritas thirteen forty now announcing their new high school campus in the word of life in Springfield, Virginia. Come join the headmaster for coffee, every Tuesday between ten and eleven in the morning or calling arrange a private tour for both Fairfax and now the Springfield campus. Call one eight six six logic thirty three or visit Veritas academy dot com. A man who allegedly murdered his daughter in law is the latest addition to the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives list Eugene Palmer allegedly shot Tammy Palmer to death moments after she walked her two children to the school bus, stop back in twenty twelve in Stony point. New York a neighbor called nine one one listen to an expert. Detective. Michael Kruger of the hammer straw. Police department says Palmer allegedly fired three shots at Tammy, who tried to escape the flying bullets final shot point blank range fragment chest. She was laying on the ground FBI agent. Andrew Fischer says Palmer is eighty years old and may blend in with the crowd of grandparent's wanna make very clear that Palmer is a tremendously violent act. Palmer is the hunter a car enthusiast, and has.

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