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Smart. Get six three months of instant inc when you choose. Hp plus conditions apply visit. Hp dot com slash. Smart guys. We've got five names to know in terms of moves that happened this week and ripped through them and then we'll give our quick takeaways before we wrap up the show so the i. r. moves rice and john quincy wilson to stand out performers from this past preseason game both of them are going to be placed on the i r with what is designated as ankle injuries. I think there was some sense of expectation that this was going to end up happening. But it's disappointing. That two guys who were starting to look pretty good in the preseason are not going to be available now. In terms of the cuts and waves call haiku teeny who had previously hip injury was waived montreal yardage list with a shoulder injury. He was also waved. And then i think the least surprising move out there was carson tinker the backup long snapper being cut this past week which probably should have been the first cut that happened in my eyes because carson tinker since injuring himself a few years ago when he was with the jaguars has not really been very mobile has has spent a little bit of good chunk of time. Away from the game. Didn't really provide much competition for casey crater in that long snapping situation so to keep him around. I thought it was a bit questionable. But now he's gone. And the giants can just focus on getting the best remaining fifty two guys on this roster absolutely and it's very unfortunate for both rice and john quincy wilson because both those physician groups i know kyle rudolph is coming back it it looks like giants need some bodies aaron raisin john really showed himself in the browns. Preseason game against backups. But like we said on the podcasts. You look gigantic out. There showed some receiving jobs. Call ball through. Contact was taken absorbing hits. Well hadson quality reps as well. This is a you know. Undrafted guy at assignment frazier canadian prospect. Who was a wide receiver so it it's unfortunate for him. It's unfortunate for quincy. Wilson's we were just talking about. Who's gonna start cornerback. If this story jackson injury goes south and when he wilson's name would have been in. There would have been a pretty odd. I would say solid option compared to some of the other guys. That are on this roster. So it's it's definitely unfortunate that cuts. I mean injury related monterey Hey katini got hurt against the jets and it's backup long snapper. Course he's he's one of these cuts so there's really not much to kinda read into their. It's just. I hope these little injuries that are happening to depth pieces stopped because like obviously when you start losing guys in camp and everything like that. It's not gonna be great. And i know the giants dave gettleman. Something he's done in the past they're gonna look at a bunch of players who are released from other teams and bring them in and if they have a high if the pro scouting department has a high evaluation on them then they could end up making the team over some of these back in roster guys but still. I mean we would try to stay healthy. That's going to be the main thing especially when we're in the regular season. Hopefully dorie jackson's injury is not anything serious yet. Just zooming out a little bit. The giants are going to turn the back third of their roster. That's just what they do. They have done that every year. The dave cattleman has been has been here he got. They're going to be guys cut during the week. He is going to bring guys in and we're going learning new names probably at least one to three every week. It'll seem like they're they're definitely gonna be turning through this trying to get healthy bodies. Maybe try to improve their debts even just by the tiniest little increment that they can yet. I feel terrible for rising. John quincy Wilson because like you pointed out. Nick especially now. After today they had they would have had chances to crack this roster starting to get excited about rising john. We saw the big gains he made against the browns the twenty five and twenty nine yard catches but he also flashed against the jets. He does he did a good job of creating and finding separation finding room to work using that big frame of his to box out defenders to protect the ball. It wasn't his fault clayton. Thorson threw the ball into the ground. A couple of times. But i thought rising john was developing nicely into a hybrid. Move tight end. And i thought he had a legitimate chance to force his way onto this roster yet now. I'm wondering. do the giants try to do. They risk giving him. The waived injured designation and know maybe opening him up to other teams making a run at him and potentially grabbing him. Do they release him with an injury settlement and just try to gamble that nobody else was really paying attention or wants to put in the work with him or want him on their on their fifty three man roster so the giants will be able to resign him you. Once that injury settlement period is over with or do they just have him on their injured reserve. And say you know we wanna make sure you stay in house and we will try again next year. You're not necessarily juicy roster news that we would be hoping for during during training camp where we're getting the news of injuries that ends up paying the the lead headlines for this show heading into week through the preseason and hopefully there's positive news that comes from some of those injury news and things like that specifically with dorie jackson most of the juicy cuts in the things that are going to be shocking or going to happen after this third preseason game so be expecting a full breakdown of the final giants roster when that does happen the best way to stay up to date on that hit the subscribe button also leave us a five star review enjoy listening head to big dot com and follow us on social media at big blue you on twitter and graham next votes to talk to you soon for the restaurants..

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