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Right? This is a woman who literally told me curt you don't own enough gun if you called MRs Kurt in academic. What would happen? It would be a bad thing. It would be a out. I was really Butch because I'm like airborne qualified. I thought that was like really cool. I was a cab off. No, no, no. My manhood was proven by the fact that I am married to a Cuban woman. You just don't make any sudden moves. You know, I I I'm not rolling the dice with academic looking woman. Let's see what other people have to say. You know, let's let's talk to racial in Columbia, Columbus, Ohio. Rachel does not think it's a compliment. Rachel, what do you think? As a young professional woman. If someone called me academic looking I'd probably give them a second glance with my mouth. Hold on. What rachel. I've been out of the game for awhile. Right. Okay. So I'm Kyle on the sidelines. Couldn't it be cleaned. The smart girl glasses librarian vibe is that a thing. I mean, maybe. But I mean, I'm not quite sure how my looks. You know, equate to my intellectual level. So I mean you may wear glasses. But that doesn't necessarily mean the most intelligent person. Well, that's true. Does does does Harry Reid strike is kind of guy who's like really deepened in like into women's intellect. I'm thinking I. Yeah. I mean. You know, obviously, he is from a different time. He's known for some of his racially insensitive remarks, but could this be a anti Indian slur of some sort against? It was Elizabeth Warren. I mean gosh on the warpath. I guess is what I'm asking. Hope not. Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Rachel. Let's let's let's see what June in Georgia has to say about Harry Reid Junie there. Yeah. I'm from. I'm here. A southern woman. So you're not gonna take any I can talk on the air and naturally from the swamp area. How is born up there and lived in Virginia for a long time. And. Was that the academic part of the swamp? Compliment. Hey, like, it's not a compliment. I was a waitress for many many years, and I was business owner to Dodd been on both sides of the. Whatever you wanna call it. But I've never been in academic. I can tell you you actually work for a living. You actually, look I think everybody. Yeah. I think everybody should be a waiter waitress for a little while. I I started mopping Al toilets at the Carl's junior restaurant in foster City, California. And that was that was how I began my career. We have we also have Connie from Brooksville, Ohio, Connie, what do you say is that a compliment to be called an academic woman by the likes of read. I laugh with a jolly laugh does that explain it? Is it a jolly laugh or is it a bitter lack of anger and pending vengeance? No. Because it's some Harry Reid. You looked at the book. He didn't read it. He looked at it. Did it have pretty bitches Harry? So be on your level. That's what I wanna know. Well, look, Harry Reid is obviously from a different time. And maybe he's not used to women being allowed to be taught to read. Do you think that's a possibility possibility? I I still think that Harry still need to learn to read because remember he did pass ObamaCare. Daddy that is true. And he isn't he the one who said who lied about mitt Romney's taxes, and then when called on said, well, he lost didn't he? This is a bad person..

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