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Yes and radio voice john brickley of a thousand four hundred one and i both wallonie as the texans and the ravens baltimore in front after alex college eightyard rushing touchdown they've extended their lead now 17th thirteen as the fourth quarter just about five minutes in justin tucker now he thirty one yard field goal is good make it a 20 to 30 an advantage for baltimore while the nfl suspending raiders while michael grabbed three broncos corner people leave each to gain for their fight on sunday bolt plant to appeal the suspension grizzlies firing head coach david dale following an eightgame losing streak business relationship with allstar center marked with all regional lowpoint tampered with all was benched in the fourth quarter in sunday's loss against portland the s p ends adrian war droughts listen to the players league in in the end of that organization feels light that relationship is in there or the coach does not how you know a handle of the whole locker room you know this is what happens mired in an eightgame losing streak won't you against on the right time with mighty jones on espn radio associate head coach they'd be becker theft promoted the interim coach tavern extended went straight to eight in a row after victory over the sixers bent simmons though suffragan ankle sprain in the loss x rays were negative lebron james faith double double pistons a 10point went over the celtics portland able to top the next called football espn sports law reporting that the memorandum of understanding between greeks yano at tennessee athletic director john kerry was not signed by the university chancellor to makes jato the next head coach of evolved lawyers on both sides are expected to argue whether it's still a binding legal document three we go here coming up tuesday on dole could we go we're joined by the commissioner.

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