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But we'll figure it out we'll get one just wanting to get that. The flowerpot clips probably long gone by the top. But WHO KNOWS? I honestly want to take the one. That's like right out front. That think. Well you pound collude. You don't know how is six hundred bounce actually have one? I think about sitting on decorate. Now you can have okay so maybe I treat you that Polo Bar for the garden part that you have now. We're talking okay. Okay Stephanie. That you're going to have to get a full-sized but this will get you through the next couple. I might I might. I might pull of that my pull that. Pull UP BAR. I'll give you my Makeshift What's the word for it? I don't want anything from you with the word makeshift fine fair enough. Because I had had to make a flat I also forgot to get one of those flowering pots for Calypso. A watering pot for Calypso. So is the word for it. Watering can watering you get it inside my house right now. I think she's GonNa kill. I been looking for a plan for a long time but I have not found the right. One haven't had like you need one that speaks to you. Exactly I three of those hanging potted plants in for our front ports but we accidentally I jumped the gun. I got to excited. I did it in April man. No the frost killed those things. I guess whenever they freezes over got to put a plan. It's not the cold it's not. It is the frost because the frost can freeze on or you could brought could've brought it inside but the time yeah. We talked their mothers smart. Look up a money tree. I think you'll be interested in what the money has to offer you. Also my rollerblades are still sitting on my porch. Have not been stolen yet. So if anybody's interested in those you can still do that. Dude just let people aged three hundred dollar rollerblades. No we're looking to thirty seven. I don't like the money tree. It's easy I don't want easy. Don't start with an easy plant. Take out a big burden to make this thing grow. Feels Nice right corner of Your House fake plant. I'm not paid. See the Tagore fake life. I don't know this is a big with yours. You end up having a dead plant in your house now are. Are these your dog. Do you have cats now? Your dogs eat the plane as well by the cats will also very well behaved. Walt does get a little trigger finger near the money tree. I gotTA keep moving. You have a tree in your house. Yeah Tony One. I used to be when I worked at QB life. I was a big bamboo on the desk. That's fine with with a running waterfall. That was very nice. Also one of those meditating in there you have to fucking lose yourself and kill someone or bamboo. Short fuse in that office. I had both bamboo Ambon sites. Are we talking about the little ones with the ball? Looks like a firm not fern pine tree. Yeah Yeah those are Nice cactus. Ooh Fact I when I was younger. My my grandfather got me a eucalyptus and every time I got cut broke off a leaf imported on me. Alabama's they actually had a Catholic native. Pedro impress your lip. This poisonous pasia the Calo a crab. No hermit crab their crab little bitches. Lazy never came out to grab this weekend. Is that the Lee satisfying meal timer. I love crab cake. Cracked CRAB LEGS. Oil Crab legs a lot of. I hate working for my food. It's lot of work for not a lot of insider can't get a good cut a crab you're one crack. Pulo very nice when that happens to work and he starts shredding apart fancy restaurants crack for you. You can ask for it. I'm pretty sure correct. Trust the would I respect myself?.

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