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And is expected to you. Have some democrats making moves toward Packing the court expanding the supreme court from nine to thirteen now. Nancy pelosi putting kind bosh on that at least for the time being but i think it kind of as the camel's nose under the proverbial tent This as nancy pelosi says no we have no plans whatsoever To bring this to the floor. This as a legislation was introduced a just thursday once again to expand the supreme court to thirteen justices. But well nancy pelosi san now. This is a battle that we just don't want to take on at this point in time. So we'll get to that brief history of court packing on monday fifty. Five thirteen ten kfi k. Joined by meteorologist atmospheric scientists that makings with channel to pinpoint. Whether he matt. How are you this morning. Doing pretty well and you doing well. I like the The view of all this water sitting in on my property here. This is good there. You go because we did. Get some solid precipitation. Yeah a lot of us here in the north. Got three to six ish Then there's pockets on the west side of the city that had They didn't get to foot. They had over nine inches in some cases so a lot of water in this one This is this is a good wet one so this is going to soak in pretty nicely. The next few days and and things will be green. Which will be good. That's always a good thing especially with earth day right around the corner. So what does the weekend. Weather forecast look pretty unsettled. Honestly we'll make catch some glimpses of sunshine today and tomorrow but still kind of under the influence of this pretty active pattern And that's gonna keep us big cloudy for the next few days. It'll keep up chances for snow the next few days and keeps us cool for the next few days now today. We may not even get out of the thirties. Probably make our way into the low forties tomorrow and then try to make a run at fifty or so for sunday now with this help with the drought This recent moisture It will help in in regards to maybe very slight very slight improvement. But i think the biggest impact of all is just going to be that it's going to help keep the drought numbers right where they are In and that next up they will come out next thursday And it will include this storm data with it. And i would guess we'll probably not see a growth of drought in the conditions. Remain the same so in that perspective was a good thing to have this definitely channel to pinpoint weather. Meteorologists matt makings. Thanks as always have yourself a great weekend. Be well be safe on the roads. If you're out sounds like a plan. Eight fifty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi kfi here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi what's happening in your own. Backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's went on colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi license plates in colorado or being auctioned off to the highest bidder and a fundraiser for the colorado disability funding committee license plate with is it for twenty has so far garnered bids more than sixty five hundred dollars. Bids are being collected until you got it. Four twenty pm on april twentieth considered our unofficial pot holiday. All right keep it right here coming up a noko now with your host. Tanner swint at nine..

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