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Hello slow well as an amazing yeah thank you for having me and my cat so so secretly here the the last thing we thought of and i had this let's not leave it in the green room moment is we were talking about pippen and you make a pippen reference in your essay about being on gossip girl i do and the references in general what the references the hope is that you know if you are in the rarefied position of being allowed to say two point five lines on a national television show that in those two point five lines somehow someone will turn around and say natural or turn around and see that vague outline or the the line in the book is the vague outline of your high school production of pippin and your delivery pippen is a good reference i gosh well you can't say cats really but do it in high school too much think with oklahoma yeah our town yeah what is the high school play i was i was the king story no too hard for a high school so dancing i think yeah no you're two point five lines on gossip girl include a grammatically tortured reference to the title of your last book of essays right or your first book of essays yes yeah so what was it it was it's i go on gossip we're all and the the reason as one does basically i'm gonna book party and the book party is for a book that one of the characters has written a tell all about the other characters so they're the fictional characters are worried that this real book is about them on this fictional show an im playing my actual self except not quite my actual self i am sort of escorted over by young lady playing literary agent to some of the more regular cast members the woman says i'd like you to introduce you to slow.

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