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Okay we need to our next guest this is very exciting new we don't often get a guest of this calibre all right i know you have john hodgman on these and author in to fit into movies but this is this is exciting okay all right beyond your best behaviour please putting on my bowtie okay thank you so much are is also in movie forty three i played the penguins being i think is just let's let you state no shouldn't shouldn't be on my i'm debbie page the bring it because my wife's joining me on the book tour and i'm going to have introduced me tomorrow so i was going to ever be deferred the movie fortythree women have already knows you will only know him from movie four he knows you so we met factually she was craft services i yeah yeah yeah it was at the premiere of louis 43 and she was the other person there so we quickly fell in love and became married logan meek that's right and you and me me don't be new case a year australia's area does that's why it's thing when i put you all right let's begin i don't want him to jerkov he's in the army army rules no joel garner rules it miles we know general do again secret it's getting bad where we've been doing it can't say you'll get punished it's a whom the neighbors because i'm doing their car you're breaking into our neighbours understanding the gas tank okay see how far can you didn't do it in the vespa downstairs did you that clydesdale.

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