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All right okay yeah I think I think Tim may have some Internet connection issues. He's cutting out just the smidgen there you go ahead and you have met a repeat what you're just you're last part yeah. You're gonNA bring some warmer other gear. <hes> we'll bring our snow suits in case it's it's in the low forties and as long as it doesn't snow or rain. I'm excited for the week it's GonNa be. It's going to be great one awesome okay cool all right well. I really appreciate also coming onto to the podcast this time around but before I let you go if people wanted to if they're not following you on social media The facebooks and the work you guys. Is already now. Oh No. I'm still here are starting. We're taking over the podcast yeah here on a podcast with this is not misters not Mr fourth row anymore this podcast and we're taking Mr Mr row and Mr Six. I'm just trying to find a hotel that makes sense going from Alabama to West Virginia Yeah Yeah Hey. This is what we do. Fans Bob Looks for hotel hours on the fun national wrestling life fine hotels with southwest points attached to find rental cars and ways to find shows that are within eight hours thome correct in so okay and for <hes> for Tim this is brutal on Evans and we will see you guys <hes> later on for the exciting <hes> <hes> Rocky Mountain <hes> spanks Bob Super Camp all right all right take care. Everyone loves I think okay I'm back now back. Oh we I skype new to me so I was. I was just saying to you guys. I really appreciate you coming on the show but before let you go or not falling you on social media and I don't know why they wouldn't be tell us tell the listeners were they can find you on the facebook twitter etc.. You can find me <unk> at Timmy on twitter and you can you can follow me on instagram at tough timmy h all won all one word and you can also friendly on facebook. I've only got like fifty. The Friends of friends left the friend me on facebook. I'll be your friend of a friend the guy for <hes> for the next fifty people and other than that. I'm not going to be your friend so that's where that's where you can find or at least not well yeah. I'm on <hes> Bobbins on well. labral Bob Evans on twitter brutal Underscore Gore Bob Underscore Evans instagram but I'm not much of an instagram guy because I'm old guy <hes> and then you can you can find find me on facebook unfortunately won't be able to friend me but you can follow me. <hes> I have a thousand friend requests that I can't get too so <hes> he'd better off following me <hes> and that way you can get my stuff and feel free to message me on their to <hes> we have a hangs with Bob Seminar and an tough-guy page best way to get to that is tough. Guy Ain't dot com <hes> but you can look it up. It'll pop right up if you put tough-guy INC or hangs with Bob seminars usually just pops right up in the search bar so and if there's a pinned calendar up there and he'll tell you where we're going to be and <hes> that reminds me any updated but it's pretty updated so most of the stuff is there so including including Nick West Gates wedding and my daughter's <hes> dance recital so we got all that stuff in there to just. I don't forget myself so all right. I'll kill all right once again. I think you both and I'm so excited to see a in a little bit more than a week. All thank you for having US yeah. Thank you so much drabness APPREC- kid once again a big thank you to tough-guy Inc Brutal Bob Evans and tough Timmy Hughes News for coming onto the podcast for this episode and letting us and all the listeners know about the great event the hangs with Bob Super Camp that is happening on March sh twenty eighth through March thirty first here in Denver Colorado and all of the great associated events and shows that are happening with that as well as the a coaches and agents that are coming from all these different promotions like they had mentioned <hes> you know rocky mountain pro the Kansas City Bill Simmons <hes> you know big man Lemons from a. d. c. w. from devotion <hes> then Congo from our O._H.. Monster Factory Chris Silvio from Lovie W and SL W Italy it's GonNa be a great time so it should be <music> lots and lots of fun. I am excited. I don't know how the wrestlers are going to do it attending these <hes> super camp and seminars and also going to perform perform on the shelves as a fan when I go to this many shows in a row I'm exhausted and I'm just cheering the guys and gals on so <hes> a big Kudos to all of them for doing that so that is in as time this recording a little bit more than a week but I wanted to go ahead and get promoted here so if you are listening and undecided to go I think it is well well worth your time and money to get this level of training and exposure <hes> I was going to say maybe possibly during the interview with Bob and Tim but it this great seeing talent <hes> get into promotions that as a fan getting to see these talent and <hes> one of my biggest ones that I really love and the first time I saw him and I think I've mentioned in this on twitter is the young gun Chandler Hopkins <hes> when I I saw him he I did his <hes> appearance in rocky mountain pro number one is his ring gear has has retire pop to me because I felt like it was a complete package helped his character and then his foundation the wrestling that he had was great and then when he came back and this most recent time and had a killer match probably the match of the night with <hes> Curtis Cole. I thought that was fantastic and I loved seeing him and I told him I want him to come back real soon and if I ever had a chance to go to Texas <hes> and see him in one of his <hes> local promotions one of his promotions that he wrestles more regular basis. I might even and do that so that's one thing to think about as for the wrestlers too in the fan interaction to know keeping your back your mind I would think that this is one of those things things to get that exposure and build up your fan base even from afar you know even though Texas and Colorado are not necessarily too far but every little bit helps I would think so let's switch gears for just a moment mink and do the week in review so this past week on Thursday as you don't we had the rocky mountain pro ignition and charged shows it was great it was us was a little bit of different kind of matches. I thought and different faces here on ignition and chart. I great the writing storylines I thought are just continuing to hit loved loved it and then on this past Saturday we had the second respect women's wrestling show from the Herman's hideaway whatever I attended that and and of course leave abates was back in town. She had a great match with <hes> Bentley Powell and <hes> Heather Monroe was in town as well. It was fantastic I thought and then we had the tail versus tail match the kangaroo versus the cat <hes> seeming lack are hand <hes> Alley Gatto and they had a great match to so and it was also nice to see Bentley just call out alley Goto as I had mentioned before when I interviewed her with Anaya matching that you know Alley Gatto is the standard of Colorado women's professional wrestling and Bentley is now taking an exception to that because she cut as scathing Promo and it looks like her and Allegata will be facing off each other when it comes to volume three the of the respect women's wrestling event coming up next month so well. What else do we got well? Let's look forward to what we have coming up in the near future so.

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