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This disgusting grubby little piece of Shit expensive. Work Sucking up. With carrying on your legs. Yeah. So it's it's like it's busy even if that's the case and you have a daughter, they're not going to carry on drilling. Begin married. Changing their name. Also I don't give a shit about. Right up here if anybody's. I mean that that will think it's it's fucking singing my lizard brain like what I I don't care about my legacy. It's something that's GonNa make me obsessed with acting in a way that's going to ensure that my God damages passing ration- to generation to know you're preaching I get it. You're preaching to the choir I understand where you're coming from. I mean don't give you wrong like if I had. Some points. Dating a woman she actually came you. Don't I would take the responsibility. Absolutely you don't. Follow them, but it's just never been. I don't know why I mean it's just never been my name that's not something I have a desire to seek out. Yet. Then answers the question of points where it gets. Really remain you'd be surprised. How often comes up in conversation. Some people think that you you get to be in your forties. You don't have kids your that cream or you are woody. Creepy old guy comes hangs out hurt his. Left. I'd kidding. I'm? Not. That guy. That's the image. People have the game. It's forty that doesn't have kids right? It's creepy uncle the guy that's not really your uncle, but he's somebody. Everybody's got the uncle somebody or aunts of on straight. The. Using. This is my last. Year Yeah. I think we're running a tango whatever this my final thing. took. Off. If I had a kid said saying, it's not anything like. I would I, mean way did your parents ever say hope you have a kid and it's worth some you. Know because that's the kirks. No I. I wanted another reason why they don't want kids. I once heard something along the lines of a puppy instead of the baby but. I never I never heard that one. Yeah but by My Dad I can't remember which one of my parents even Saco Pierre. And it's ten times worse worse as you that scared me enough to be like. What's I realize what a nightmare I was a kid like as a teenager. Adulthood. I don't mind having to like a little kid right kid isn't that big of a deal to me? It's when they get to be teenagers and teenagers starts thinking he could take you know what I mean when he met teenager start seeking kick your APP. That's when you've lost it and I don't want to go through that experience. Here's the thing I know how to do teenager right and that is a treat them like adults. I honestly think that's the best thing to do. Years old go get a job. Some rape. Your fifteen years old now think you're a grown ass man so I'm GonNa. Treat you. Anyway to the person that sent that email. Thank you very much. It gave him something else talk about. You. Know sometimes you check that and sometimes they check their email. So if you maybe maybe you'll be a lucky one way answer your question in the next episode in a month fish. Or whenever yet? But I think that's All right so. Thank you for listening. In until. I almost got you almost forget I almost forgot. What are you almost forget? Sponsor his. Sponsor sponsor this Croatia sponsoring said no.

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