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Eight hundred years soltani has a degree in engineering from the university of houston he says a warming climate and widespread development and used to make the areas flood maps useless i personally believe this is a twenty or thirty or flood meaning within thirty years in houston we're going to have another harvey scientists at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration agree that houston's flood maps are out of date and so tani says he's not waiting for government officials to figure out his real flood risk the government is broken all of whom local levels all the way to the federal government uh which is how as private citizens just have to get used to it and repair and milan the take care of yourself attitude in houston extends to large institutions as well like the texas medical center while we have eight miles a private roads in the medical center in probably seventy percent of those braga roads were under underwater with the storm sean cloonan is chief operating officer at the center it builds itself as the largest medical complex in the country it sits right next to raise buy you a big stream that runs through the city harvey flooded the streets at the center but not the buildings that's because sixteen years ago the centre did flood badly they said never again and took matters into their own hands kuhnen shows me the big floodgates that engineers pudding across parking garage openings talking about about ten inches thick steel latched in three different ways for security and and it has sensors in place that can tell us at what level the the water is they install pumps.

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