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A bit i gotta camp next to her for almost a month up and big bear are way up in the san bernardino national forest in california when she was to encamp hosting and i've got to follow worth or some pretty interesting experiences as as her story has unfolded was it hard to decide which then you should by um considering that you do you'd be living in it but not in the same way that these people are you still had a place to come home to yeah oh absolutely i i think i was a glorified tourist might i never it i never wanted to dead you know i i never believed that i was all i'm becoming one of these people that really not be out of i take it all at just feel like the more you immerse the more you can understand and hopefully hopefully that helps you at toss other people stories better well as an adjunct to eu are also low yard work so you probably sympathize with them and they thought it was pretty funny that i was sometimes at night they said the light on my van would be on for very very late inside 'cause i've actually be editing my students papers out in the middle of the desert what are some of the challenges of living in a van or a nervy uh you're vulnerable suffer example when people are doing what they call stuff camping in a city everybody's worried about getting the knock which could come from a police officer asking you to move along uh the elements can be really tough i remember why would a police officer ask you to move because in many places sleeping in a vehicle is illegal even though there are both i mean it i guess if you're in an rv cabinets different yes but then you're paying for a spot so so there's that you do get people do get hassle by law enforcement city is and also by rangers in national parks sometimes there is a a bit of a crackdown happening where we heard about rangers approaching people and asking them to prove that they actually live at their domiciled addresses and then if they couldn't prove it saying well yes you may be here during your two free weeks of camping whichever one is entitled to but you are not entitled to.

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