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Heard on the other with Ah, you're good. You're here for a reason. Kids. Shannon Caylor is Tony Ryan. Paulie. Mac Murphy's out corpses out. We got markets over there where he always is Spider Is indeed in the James T. Kirk captain chair today. Nice and let's do this is going to be really cool. So these are old friend Darren Chan, who is the name Darren Chand probably is becoming more and more familiar to giant fans over the years. You've you've heard us transition from the great Lee Jones, Who's the engineer game DJ decades and now we've got, um every bit. His equal in the next generation of giant engineers is Darren Chan. But here's the cool thing before we bring him on Tony and I and Darren and Rod Brooks all worked. Together. We all started in radio together at the same time in like the late nineties and cambio 10 50 was known as the ticket 10 50 at that time, so, Darren Tony, myself and Brooksie. We're all on the same show. 98 99 something like that. And I had a hell of a time. So he we're colleagues were friends. And we also love his work in the broadcast booth. Let's bring him in. Darren Chan, Welcome back to the Murph and Mac Show today with Shannon Kehler and creative. Tony. How are you? D c? Hey now what do you say, guys? Yeah, there he is, By the way, do it out. Yeah. Darren. The post game wrap, I think is is not to be missed radio. So if you are Giants fan or baseball fan and just great baseball banter, and Darren has I roll out a crew can keep talking baseball to absolutely both of those. Absolutely, but I love the post game wrap because they're reacting to literally what just went down and then also, uh, they pick their players in the game and they riff on each other. It's great. It's really good dancer and D. C. Darren Chan is now as is in the booth with all of them, and you know, Darren is actually made his presence in Known by injecting sound into these segments. Now it's super fun. Do you see my spots, man? I I do know that whole thing with now we the Wilmer Flores thing was kind of where it came out of nowhere. It started earlier this season. When I watch you started last season, I should say, even during the during the pandemic, it's when when Skype made floors, his guy I, and he was talking about how floors loved him as his favorite, loved his home run call who doesn't for that matter, right, right. And then he was talking about how floors you know, learn to use friends as a way to learn English when he first came to the country, and then next thing you know it became where we're going to play his theme song. Every time Floors is one of the pics of one of the guys, so it always became a challenge last year. That's what Kip is trying to do. As he was trying to, he would make Wilmer Flores has picked And I would I would not have the music radio sometimes because I was like, editing highlights or something? Sure. Yeah. Yeah, And then he would go. Uh oh. Well, D c. You blew it. You blew it tournament and then I would play it late or something. And I was really tough on myself. Because I was like, man, I'm better than that. Yeah. Yeah. And then he would go. Okay. Well, that's the next pick. Right, Mikey? You got the next big woman for us. He'll throw it underneath his breath there. See if I was listening, and I nail it. I get him one time like that. But now we have a couple other other themes that we play here and there, But the other ones have not panned out quite as well as the warmer Flores. Well, Daryn and again you're listening to Terran Channel in the room. A guest line. He is the engineer of all the radio broadcast. And for starters, just to make sure people understand this D C is that you guys stole our You're you're at Oracle Park right? Like the Giants are playing in Arizona, for example. You guys aren't even there physically, but it sounds great. Just so you know that. I mean for me to you the broadcast sound killer. I mean, No indication you guys aren't there, but it's got to be challenging is where I'm going with this D C. And what's it like to call a game and and produce a game and engineering game That's going on in an entirely different ballpark. I'll tell you this last year was a lot more challenging because it was all new technology to all of us, right. You know, to the guys having a call games off monitors. And look, we all did it when we were kids, you and I, everybody listening at home. You know you would sit there in front of the TV and call a game And then after like the second pitch, you run out of stuff to say, because you had no stats in front of you, but we have sports. That's as if we were there, right. Everything is replicated in the booth as if we were there. Except for the game's not literally on the field in front of us. You get the overhead p A announcements. You get all kinds of different angles in front of you. You just don't have a Have anything on the field. Now. What's funny is once in a while the team will be on the road. And if I'm not looking at the monitor, and I'm down, doing something else, and then they'll be like a pitch that's fouled back. I wince. Just out of habit, because I don't know if Johnson foul back foul back to to the back, and I'm like I jumped because I've had times where I have been burned by foul balls. Coming into the booth when I wasn't looking, so that's my natural instinct. But, you know, having said that, in terms of all the all the things that we have to deal with with the it's more tough with, we're at the mercy of the team. That's Really providing the camera angles. So in other words, were down in case field for this weekend. Yes, it's up to the director and the producer down in Arizona to give us the proper feeds. Now, the most challenging part guys. Is that on a check swing or or an appeal to one of the bases are down the line to the first space on part, there'd be some fire on a check swing. Sometimes they won't show it because the home show they have their announcers that can look themselves but they forget. There are also in in essence, directing the roadshow right team that's visiting. And sometimes you don't get that. So we have a thing called the all Night. I'm sure a lot of people have heard about that. That is the static camera that shot down from The top of the ballpark that goes foul pole, the foul pole left or right, so you can see everything on the field. It's in high definition, but it's not in high definition enough where you can see the numbers on the back of people's jerseys. Sometimes a guy will come on deck and you're like, um that we, you know, we think we think Donovan Solano is on deck were 900% sure, so that's when you have to rely on the P A feed. Yeah, well, we're talking to Darren Chan, the chief broadcast engineer. Taylor's there, huh? You believe this? I know we got Taylor involved. No, it was his reaction. Total pro. We got Caylor now. Oh, yeah. You know, I was listening earlier. How can the you know between Tony and Caylor bringing in burritos into into a movie theater? Come on. You know what I'm saying? What's wrong with that? I think of the field shadow. Bc burritos and there you don't bring hot hot food in there. I'm gonna bring my barbecue. Hey, Shannon. You see this? The same guy? That pan fries is hot dogs at giant cans in the parking lot, so oh, no, not at the games that you do. Let's be honest. Yes, you do. See how it gets twisting Shannon. Well, it's all lies in the seat Here on the Murph in Mac show. Let's make sure we got D C s best interests. What do you got for? Okay, D c. I need to know. When can we expect you guys to go back on the road? I've been very interested in that. When can we expect to? Yeah. Mm. Let's see here. I think I've only been asked that question about 900 times. Way to go, Shannon. Now you're upsetting our guest to go. Don't be a punk wish Mike. Necessary club. Uh,.

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