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Then peach next week Democrat premier lecture yell Paul and Republicans Louie Gohmert expressing their party sentiments we must impeach Donald J. trump this is gonna stop before it goes too much further the committee is adjourned the house Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Friday morning to move impeachment to the full house of representatives house speaker Nancy Pelosi remains confident she has the votes to reach the threshold for impeachment but there are several Democrats who have not yet announced their intention sciences David spawned the Supreme Court entering the political fireworks says it agrees to rule on whether the president can block subpoenas for his financial records arguments are scheduled for March and consolidated cases stemming from congressional subpoenas in a Manhattan district attorney trying to obtain eight years of tax returns from president trump president trump sued banks and accounting firms to prevent them from complying with subpoenas from the house of representatives in Manhattan D. A. Cyrus Vance junior lower courts have so far not sided with president trump those decisions however on hold hello Sabrina court ruling likely in June fox's jerit helper and reports of another missile test in North Korea state media say the regime conducted the test Friday as long range walking facility calling it a very important test the so Hey satellite launch site is one of the ones that the US has said that the north promised to close and the navy commander says that the fleet is still trying to figure out why a sailor opened fire at Pearl Harbor.

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