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The event of an emergency hi America house and I'm here to offer you balls house diesel treat the nation's number one selling anti gel and house these a lifeline our new emergency rescue product guaranteed to safely dealers frozen fuel filters and re liquefied jokes you'll faster than any other product alcohol free easy to use and proven effective house products are always tested trusted guarantee the stability you need for your business at Mercer transportation for over forty years Mercer has provided independent contractors with the support and Frank needed to make their business a success we have a large customer base and the free you need to keep your business moving plus we help you cut costs through generous discounts on fuel tires and insurance and get you paid fast after every loan wanna move your business further in twenty twenty joining team Mercer visit us today at Mercer town dot com era Carly here you know read I radio was trucking is best source of news and information and now we're going the extra mile to bring you extra special content information and news in our new podcast dedicated to you the driver it's called red eyes extra mile and is for you the owner operator is your one stop shop for all things trucking from taking care of your rig to taking care of your health the new products and technology new regulations and new ways to stay focused on the road ahead will tell stories bring in experts talk about current industry issues and discuss the things that matter to you you can listen while you're driving you can listen while you're not driving June and on demand to rent eyes extra mile a new trucking podcast from run I radio available on apple podcast Google podcast stitcher shootin Spotify and of course our website red eye radio show dot com June and on demand to rent eyes extra mile from red eye radio delivery o'connor shell one small zero one eight six six nine zero seven thirty three thirty dollars.

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