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Win it's hard not to get wrapped up in all the action on the ice and seeing what will happen next you have to look at it strictly as a coach and to me that's the thing. I, always admired about the best coaches that they can do that. You bring up a good point. So let's talk about. Kirk cousins. Okay. I'm just. Know I was listening. Yeah. Yeah And we talked about coaches. Yesterday. Right about. You know how many guys are out there in the in the pool of of who could be a good coach Anyway Curt Muller. Guy Want to get a real GIG. A real GIG. And I don't I don't get why he's not anybody's radar maybe he settled in. Montreal, likes his role in his assistant coach and whether it's Michelle Tehran or whether it's close Julia, he's being in both cases. You see him very much at the end of the game with the White Board calling the shots and so the the great thing for him he is there's assistant coaches, and then there's really really involved assistant coaches and he appears to be the latter. So maybe that's something that satisfies them at the stage. That, I would bet if a head coaching GIG, came along, he'd he'd probably jump at it and he's he's probably an and that's part of being a great coach. Do I have a great team in front of me and I don't think this time and Carolina he was ever thought of as having you know given the keys to a Cadillac as far as roster goes beyond Carolina. Now it'd be a whole lot different. Than the other thing about coaching to. Is. All it takes is a little rumbling from some of the players. Okay. and. Believe me or Russ talked about this to every guy comes onto the team. Thinking, okay. I should be on the power play and on the first one of the top two lines. Okay Well, let's do the math. Okay. So we got thirty guys. Okay. How many? Are Twenty two guys. you all be on the first line by the way that sounds like playground talk from the coach, right? Saying, okay. You gotta understand everyone's going to get to play. So that's the issue. Right you got. You got that issue with coaching. And all it takes some time Steve is so you play you know maybe maybe you're only playing five hundred or three or four games under five hundred, you know twenty games in. And and then you get a couple leaders on the team going. I don't like the coach. I don't think he knows what he's doing. You know. And that starts to circle around and that can be the demise. So they're at, they're at the mercy of so many things man. Things. Yeah. That's what. I? That's one of the neat things about. When you talk about Circumstances sometimes dictating your fate emigrate score, but the team, my mom has a bunch of great scores already and I'm well, I've got to stay for the next seven years or something like that until I become fa because they love me. So I gotTa make the best of it and maybe take on a new role and That's why. There's something to be said for individual sports like golf and his right you forge your own destiny you're not so like you're either great you're either GonNa Merge as great on your own because you're mentally strong you're physically gifted and you'll get to where you WANNA. Go you forge your own path with team sports man a lot of things can go wrong none of which are your fault. Right, right. And you know we've been talking the last little while to write about. The money you get the fans going well, suck it up pal. Okay. WH-. What do you care if you're on the third line and used to be a first liner in the minors when you came out of junior or college you? I think you brought up yesterday that you know bougie Carbonell. Right who who ended up in the hall of fame and we're kind of debating. Whether, it should be there. And then you you pull up his stats and he got something like one hundred and eighty points when you're in junior that's right. I mean, it's crazy. And I'm shocked you remembered that stat. No I got that one. On What was I going to see from that? Stevie you got the stats Oh Bang on I thought man he is sharper than he's ever been, and now he's gotten this point. We're talking about the only so many guys can play. All right. Let's call it a day right there. Then you can take the entire day to figure out what you're going to say but mark my words, ladies and gentlemen he will have forgotten. He forgot I know what I was gonNA say all right. I got it so. You get these players. Right and so these rumbling start while I'm in a little boy, I'm not getting the ice time. I should right and they they kind of busted in the media to get to get caught off guard a little bit when they bring it up and then all the fans. So you this guy's concerned about the players pissed that he's not playing as much as you should have got sata game or two right and then so he might voices opinion on that right which which is what we like. You know you get inside a little bit right and you get to see this guy's a little pissed off, and then all the fans weighing ago. Shut your hole. Just because used to be on a first or second line in junior or whatever, and now you come here got to play the third you're making six million a year. Right and. If that was the case. Okay if. The players are into it man..

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