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You think you're doing you don't brush when you're slapped on plenty when you make your trees right like space and your son explode on over the galvez with all your talking motion what is you look at your work it's just a fatal too fast those two you know they really should have had a podcast i think kirk douglas as vincent van gogh anthony quinn as paul gauguin in nineteen fifty six's less for life it's the v movie in our ongoing vincent minnelli marathon reviews of these movies appear as bonus episodes in the film spotting feed so if you are already subscribe to the podcast you'll find those episodes appearing on wednesdays and that's where you can find our conversation about less for life along with earlier reviews of cabinet in the sky meet me in st louis the bad and the beautiful and the bandwagon tasha i don't wanna put you on the spot but any strong feelings about vincent minnelli or any of these films i have a strong feeling that i should watch more vincent minnelli i was we were at yes i was just watching because we were prepping are our top five which is top five movies that pay a mosh to other movies i've been reading and watching a lot of things online about movies that quote other movies and i came back to la la land and there was a terrific there's a terrific video out there that puts scenes from lowland side by side with the movies and then they're quoting it's so much deeper and more complicated than i would have imagined and it comes brings me back to a place of there are so many classic musicals that i haven't seen an offensive manelli yet so many of them looking down his his list of films i've seen maybe eight of these and there are forty of them so i've got a long way still that's not bad i think i was only two or three before this marathon began you can find the full lineup for manelli and our past marathons at film spotting dot net slash marathons you can subscribe to the podcast in apple podcasts or preferred podcast app you can also listen at our website film spotting dot net the middle marathon is presented by movie an algorithm has no business choosing your films movie is a curated online cinema stream.

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