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You put them on your side, so there's no compromise airway once again. This science is known. This is not a mystery to police officers. You go through a defensive tactics. Course you should be taught this. You should know this if somebody's telling me that they can't breathe. We're going to adjust and readjusted. Make sure. Sure that this is not a problem. When people told us that their haircuts were too tight, we examined the handcuffs when people told us that they can't breathe. We're we're talking to him. And monitoring them the whole time making sure that their underside, so that whole excited delirium not happening what was going on in Pinta? Leo's mind and in Children's mind I do not understand. They may have an asset that. They can talk. They can breed. But that is not a chance that I ever took when I was a officer. It's not one that I took as a sergeant as lieutenant or a captain. Talked about a roll call, I don't understand it. How much real reform can happen if police union still have the power to help almost any accused member escape real consequence?.

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