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From this but to downtown a nine minute journey I'm Jack Faris your neck support and just thirty minutes is that the point one can't be kept for for today we'll see some patchy fog this morning otherwise mostly cloudy with a high of sixty to sixty four some rain moves in tonight lows in the mid to upper fifties after morning rain tomorrow cloudy highs in the mid sixties partly sunny Monday low to mid sixties I've accu weather's bill decker news ninety three point one KFBK building up better Sacramento news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. on fifteen thirty A. M. and your heart radio app hi this is bill owner virus shine we do all types of artwork from standard iron fences to hand rose to gauge of operators and right now it's our slow this time of year and I have guys said at home and I just wanna keep them working so for one month only I'm Laurie my already super low prices if you're considered any artwork why wait to pay more you might as well take advantage of this temporary slowdown and save yourself some money we're bringing jobs at rock bottom prices but for one month only so call now to save money six one six forty twenty three six one six forty twenty three four Irish iron dot com Chas forty six former US army ranger tells us about life before and after universal men's clinic well I had a pretty active lifestyle in the military you know pair shooting shooting swimming when I retired in two thousand and nine I noticed a downward trend sleeping in late watching a lot of TV since being treated at the clinic I am definitely more motivated to go to the gym definitely more confident with my lifestyle and my general presence and its way.

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