Saudi Arabia, Salman, Frank Gardner discussed on Global News Podcast - Second Republican Senator Blasts Trump


The crown prince of saudi arabia has promised to end extremism and to restore moderate islam in the kingdom this comes a month after the ban on women driving in saudi arabia was lifted speaking in riyadh mohammad bin salman had this to say so then we we will not spend the next thirty years of our lives dealing with destructive ideas we will destroy them today we will end extremism very soon i also security correspondent frank gardner whose riposte extensively from saudi arabia if the crown prince's comments had come as a bit of a shock i think the strength of his words certainly shock it's no secret throught the crown prince of saudi arabia prince mohammad pencil mom is trying very hard to modernize the country economically he's not modernizing democratically attractive anything according to human rights organisations the cracking down even more on political opponents but economically religiously culturally he's trying to open up saudi arabia and make it more in line with the rest of the world introducing things like public entertainment cinemas selling all parts of the state oil company bringing in foreign investment building megacities mixed beaches things like that this is quite popular with most of the youth but it is deeply unpopular riven minority of the population who are religiously intolerant and he's aiming this speech at them will you say a minority but a very influential minority can he just do this because for so long we've been told that it be whisky for the monarchy to try to introduce changes linus it is risky and.

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