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Time for sports with rick worthington nc double a basketball is on our mind two games last night is the nc double a tournament got underway redford and saint bonaventure are moving onto the round of sixty four after wins in dayton ohio radford beat l are you brooklyn seventy one to sixty one the highlanders i ever nc double a tournament win while saint bonaventure topped ucla sixty five to fifty eight qabbani's first tournament victory in forty eight years both winners advanced to east region play tomorrow with radford facing top seed villanova while saint bonaventure takes on succeeded florida the first four finishes tonight in dayton with texas southern against north carolina central in syracuse versus arizona state i'm joe ramsey one of the teams that set to be in boise for this week's games is kentucky and wildcats more than likely going to bring a big crowd with them because they do everywhere that they go right cats set to play against davidson coach cal asked yesterday about what he knows about his first round opponent much about tournament playing well they run good stock they run a lot of tennessee there coaching tennessee runs day right i remember a game early in the thirty three pointers so there are three point shooting but i have not watched watch once again kentucky will play davidson that's the first game of the second session on thursday so there's two games in the morning or in the early half of the day then there's two games in the evening so it's unc greensboro against gonzaga starting at eleven thirty on thursday south dakota state against ohio state that's the second game later in the evening it's davidson versus kentucky and that buffalo versus arizona looking forward to all of it will be telling you about it in fact i'll be out there during the games i'll be out there got my computer and i'll be live tweeting from the event of the eight teams that are here we have the kentucky wildcats the zona wildcats and the davidson wildcats and i'm in favor of watching all of them play so you could follow me on twitter at rick worthington and keep up with those games one tell you about boise state forward chandler hutchison he's playing in the nato along with the rest of the broncos later on tonight it's still cool like you mentioned opportunity you know you could still finish your season with a win not very many.

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