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Got three one dollars come into next year exactly exactly but that should be that's important point michael glad you bring up that should be a lesson from this tumultuous tournament and everybody thought was so wide open and all this and in the end what wins two blue chip programs which of course we've talked about before generally you get to a championship game it is blue chip program but veteran teams teams with senior leash muhammad ali abdul rochman who's who gets four names because he's been there for four years it has played more games than anyone in uniform i mean that's a wreck that's a statistic you never hear anyone say anymore the guy has played more games than anyone who's ever worn a uniform you never hear that a major college basketball so to have a guy with that kind of presence and wagner and matthews at simpson and you know it's a good wash of a veteran town of veteran coach who has finally erased as i say this whole fab five jalen rose chris webber dominating the michigan talk they never hype machine that the fat five i forget who wrote it a guy even wrote a book about that awful talk about sinking into the morass but but you know even as someone who sell but it was to be celebrated in ninety one ninety two it's not to be celebrated in two thousand thirteen and i remember when thirteen came around there were all these stories about the fab five and why weren't they back accepted in the program and why weren't they welcomed in and all the rest of and beeline finally took that team to as far as the fab five went and now he's done it again and this program should be about john b line now the way that michigan state is about tom izzo and not guys who coach before him not judd heath code and so sometimes michigan lives in the past i mean maybe all schools do this by observant more living out here both sham boeckler hovers over the football program even though he hasn't coached the game since nineteen eighty nine there's a time the let the past go and this whole five thing and you know the talk about what will they ever be accepted back in the program it's not the most important story this is the most important story they got a quality coach who does things.

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