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Our needs three more to tied mark mcgwire for the alltime rookie record is got a shot dead nine games would you be shocked if he got the three hamas over the last nine games you would hope so ragged bands but they did pick up ground on the other wildcard teams and i mean the ones outside looking in minnesota's up to three games it very much looking like a yank east twins wildcard match up because red sox won last night so the yankees are now or back yankee stuff we can get into and let me just throw the method out here and then we'll have to found buddy mine tech from yes i hadn't heard about a wasn't looking for the fan at the time and he said did you see this thing with the what the matter doing tomorrow and i text them back i go now what are you talking about so he laid out for me that they announced cindy guard is going to start pitch one inning and then turned it over to harbour use going to relieve and pick it up from there and the way my buddy sent me the tax she's a big fan it sounded to me like he didn't like any daughter was another example of the mets not known what the hell they're doing and i tax them back and i again interpreting texts can sometimes lead you awry in a stray but we do it now we text is so much that that you almost have to um i think he's probably surprised by what i said i actually like it i think it's a pretty good idea you're running out of games cindy guard wants to come back and pitch you want him to come back and pitch but you want to be very cautious about it so he's going to pitch one inning if he's going to pitch warning why shouldn't be in inning that he starts your controlling everything he's going to his usual routine the way he's going to awfully next year four thirty two thirty three starts and let him go out there and have his inning that's the way i would hate no it's in a guarded by wanted to.

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