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In life after the state public education department proposed new science standard for new mexico sculptress slammed this week that pd now says it's changing wetted proposed that p day was blasted for not including climate change in the standards and for challenging evolution and the earth's age new state education secretary christopher risk caskey says the revised stem ready standards presented tuesday night are based on community input they now include explaining the earth's four point six billion year old age on scientific evidence for mid schools and bases evolution on four factors but lustrous a senator william soul says the wording for evolution climate change in the age of the earth dole contain what he calls corporate wording the everett to reduce the number of opioid related deaths in new mexico snags in other suspected drug dealer police say 35yearold abraham martinez entered the walgreens at 26 25 san pedro northeast last friday they say he was armed with a knife and he threatened the pharmacist demanding xanax and anxiety disorder treatment now martinez is in custody facing federal charges of robbery and prescription drug trafficking the robbery charge carries a maximum penalty of twenty years while the traffic in charge could lead to ten years in federal prison pat alam news radio kkob to waste isolation pilot plant storage capacities about get bigger the associated press reports mining operations at the new mexico nuclear waste dump will begin for the first time since a radiation we contaminated part of vicinity three years ago the additional disposal space will be carved out of an ancient salt formation where whip is located outside carlsbad the worked expected to be completed by 2020 homebuilding in the albuquerque area continues to be relatively stagnant john garcia what the home builder's association of central new mexico says the metro areas on a pace for around 1800 building permits in 2017 at about the same as the past two years lot of it and it come down to the last quarter of the fourth quarter and for the last two years the fourth quarters really helped without garcia says an optimum figure for the metro area would be around thirty two hundred new own starts during a building boom more than ten years ago the metro area sauce seventy eight thousand.

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